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    The 4th Empire

         Taken from SIAD (English)

       Islamism,                  nazism,              communism,     political correctness

    Let me begin by explaining the headline.

    The 4th Empire is to be understood as an extension of the 3rd Empire, which was the Nazi dream empire. The intention is to focus on the fact that we are dealing with a totalitarian regime that wishes world dominance. At the same time the headline is meant as a reminder that there is a 4th totalitarian “-ism” although we don’t often consider it as such.

    Of course we know the three great totalitarian ”-isms” – Islam, Communism and Nazism.

    The headline becomes a bit misleading since the Nazis did not include Islam or Communism in their idea of “the empires”. But the poetry was too tempting to let that detail get in the way.

    But as mentioned we know three great totalitarian movements, Nazism, Communism and Islam.

    What they have in common is the idea that state and god are seen as a unity, morality and law are seen the same way.

    Their approaches are a bit different.

    Communism and Nazism both derive from a philosophical tradition with common roots in Hegel’s idea, that the individual must submit to the state and the state must present itself as god.´

    Islam on the other hand has its basis in a ”god’s law” that is to become manifest within the state.
    For people who live in a dictatorship it doesn’t matter if it is god who is to be the state or the other way round, at least when it comes to personal freedom.

    The 4th totalitarian movement, of course, is: Political Correctness. It is as dangerous as the three others and therefore we should be aware of it.

    Usually political correctness is not considered totalitarian.

    Actually it is constantly excused and defended by both politicians and most of the media. This is because we live in the middle of it. The politically correct movement controls most of the media and the majority of our politicians as well as our educational institutions.

    It is fairly easy for the henchmen of the movement to marginalise and demonise people who think differently.

    As in every other totalitarian mindset political correctness has its ways to control its people.

    But where other totalitarian movements threatened with and often really put to death its apostates or ‘unacceptables’, political correctness is content with the use of marginalisation and demonising as means of control.

    And in that way political correctness may seem milder than the three others.

    But marginalisation and demonising are not necessarily milder punishments than death.  It seems fair to assume that by far most people spend more time and energy worrying about what other people think of them, than they worry about dying.

    Those priorities, of course, can change if you live close to death. But I still dare claim that marginalisation is a more efficient threat than death.

    As in other totalitarian societies the politically correct version gives clear benefits for its own.  If you have the ”right” opinions many doors in society open to you.

    It is possible to become a journalist without being able to write anything but bromides.

    It is possible to become a politician without being able to speak anything but nonsense.

    It is even possible to become an expert without knowing anything at all about the subject you are an expert on.

    It goes almost without saying that you are in the cold if you don’t follow “the party line”.

    Demonising is important in totalitarian mindsets.

    Communists have:                    Capitalists and the Anti-socials.

    Islam has:                                  the Infidels and the Apostates.

    The Nazis have:                        the Jews and the Communists.

    The Politically Correct have:   the Nazis and the Racists.

    It is completely possible that totalitarian movements can use each other as scapegoats.

    Demonising is of course reduced to some kind of invective which does not necessarily have a firm meaning. If they had a firm meaning it would be far more difficult to use them tyrannically.

    They simply end up meaning ”opponent”.

    But why have the politically correct chosen Nazism as a demonising concept and not Communism or Islam?
    I think it is because political correctness does not want to engage in battle with existing totalitarian movements.

    Communism and Islam are around today and are able to defend themselves and retaliate against demonising.

    Nazism is an easy victim.
    By attacking Nazism political correctness can appear anti-totalitarian without getting at odds with their totalitarian brothers. The few Nazis that exist are not a political factor.

    It is obvious that sooner or later political correctness will go against both Islam and Communism. It is just a temporary, rhetorical peace. Before that happens the last remnant of freedom in the western world has to be eradicated.

    This is why anti-islamic movements, such as ’Trykkefrihedsselskabet’, ’Den Danske Forening’, ’SIAD’ and ’Dansk Folkeparti’ are called Nazi in the 4th empire despite their comdemnation of totalitarian ideologies such as Nazism.

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