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    Islam: What the West needs to know

    The full English version

    Islam: What the West needs to know 

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    10 Responses to “Islam: What the West needs to know”

    1. Sally said

      Great production! There was no sacrifice of truth for the sake of political correctness. I hope the West wakes up in time.

    2. Almost NOTHING of the British struggle with the muslims is known in the USA, NONE of it is reported in the midstream media, and all us American Conservatives here about is the British police state and oppression of ordinary Brits. From America, the British seem like scared little girls with NO national pride.

      • pringles978 said

        trust me mate, we are trying like hell to stand up for ourselves, but the goverment, media and police hammer us at every available opportunity. anything we do or say makes us “racist nazis” and the media wont report anything it deems non pc.

    3. Nitin said

      Well what i think, the time has come, when every country should stand, reserve the Religious rights of every country, so that, If some one wants to migrate to other country and want to live there, and later If he want, Citizenship of that country, then it will be compalsary for him to adopt the religious faith of that country, so that later no one can become the threat to nation/ or he will be given another option like living under the banner of NO RELIGION, (I know it seems bit Rasist). but the time has come. As we all know, we can see, the Dubai had done already, we can Njoy the country’s culture or living. but we cannot. apply for the citizenship. and the country faith is reserved only for “muslims”. then I think there is no shame in adopting the same, thing in other country. I am PUNJABI-HINDU. I totally respect every religion. If i ever get the opprtunity to become citizen of any other country, and they were having the same go thru. process, of adopt the countries fait. or leave it. then I would love the adopt.

      as far as i had heard about the London’s Islaminisation, I think its not good thing, It will create frictions every where. I think it should remain the first place for English faith.


    4. Nitin said

      One more thing I whish there would have no religion, but as there are lot of riligions, So we should respect each other’s faith.

      and I hope no one will mind for my bad ENGLISH 🙂


    5. Abu-Waleed said

      1 “TAQIYA” i.e. lie to infidels to spread/protect Islam
      2 “ABROGATIONS” i.e. The first 60% of Quran is full of peaceful verses (meant for enticing converts). These verses are NULLIFIED by the violent verses towards the end of (40%) Quran.
      3 “Islamic materials” made for non-Muslims are advertisements (even in western colleges) all sugared up and watered down-custom made for enticing converts = SUCKERS. The true Islamic materials are the ones MADE FOR Muslims in Muslim countries e.g. the Quran I was taught is nothing like the Qur’an I see here.
      4. Muslims are allowed to spread Islam through “TAQIYA” in all countries while they DON”T LET anyone spread other faiths in their countries. So it’s an uneven playing field. Also they spread Islam to minorities in their lands through force (embrace Islam or die – go ahead ask a minority from a Muslim country in a secure setting).
      5. Punishment for leaving Islam is DEATH Penalty – who wants that?
      6. Muslims allowed 4 wives! That produces more babies than any other group of people in the world. Ever wondered why does Osama-bin-Laden have over 50 brothers and sisters? On the other hand the Hippy controlled free societies go by “theres already too many people in world – so almost no babies”.
      The proof of all this is creeping takeover of Muslims in Europe & treatment of minorities in Muslim countries!

      RULES OF MOSQUES that are not disclosed before it’s built. These rules gradually start getting imposed (just like Sharia) after the mosque is built and keep on getting worse for the non-Muslims in the area. These rules apply to non-Muslims in the whole Neighborhood, not just the interior of a mosque the whole neighborhood! These rules can easily be verified by former Muslims, minorities from Muslim countries and TRULY peaceful Muslims.
      “Uzaan” i.e. “Prayer call” is over very loud speakers for the whole neighborhood to hear 5 times a day over (3 minutes each) from sun rise to sun set. During this prayer call all music needs to be turned off (if it’s not already totally banned according to Islam)
      Every street needs to have its own mosque (IF you have been to a Muslim country imagine all mosques loud speaker going at it at the same time – that’s the most annoying depressing sound ever even for animals)*No animals in the neighborhood* Non-Muslims need to take off their shoes when they are in the neighborhood of the mosque……*Muslims employees need to be given paid time off for offering 5 times a day prayer at the mosque during their work just like smokers get cigarette brakes.*When the mosque is full the roads get blocked because Muslims then lay prayer rugs on the street to join the prayer service*Once a mosque is built it’s for ETERNITY Muslims are to protect its existence – it can be demolished for Hi-ways of parks etc….

      – go pray from home if the mosque is full no blocking traffic or sidewalk.

    6. Abu-Waleed said

      Here is why all this talk of peace is futile and temporary: The religion of peace has one goal i.e. domination of the world. Look around the globe why their demands are a literal carbon copy of each other even though one group is in Philippines and the other is all the way in France? Here is the reason why: from someone born & raised for almost 30 yrs in a Muslim country:

      THE TRUTH behind Quran : Surah 8:72-73. Which tells Muslims to enter lands where Islam IS NOT THE DOMINANT FORCE & STIR UP TROUBLE? When natives of these lands retaliate to protect their sovereignty & culture the jihadis cry “PERSECUTION, ISLAMOPHOBIA, and RACISM”. Then they WAIT to get a voice (their population to grow to a certain %) or the right moment & THEN THEY STRIKE. e.g. remember the Muslims started massacre of non-Muslims leaving Pakistan during partition when the Brits parted India before they left it. The same is in the pipes in USA, FRANCE, ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA, INDIA, KENYA, and NIGERIA – basically anywhere they reside no matter if they are a minority or a majority.

      Muslims will lie by saying “you are taking it out of context READ THE WHOLE SURA/CHAPTER”. The whole chapter speaks of the same thing as long as you are reading it from a real Quran from a Muslim country not the Qurans in the west that are advertisements, sugared up and watered down – custom made to attract converts. Hence you see Muslims involved in Islamization of the world weather they are in minority or majority in west or in Philippines their demands are a carbon copy because it’s the same Islam they are following.

      “Take not the Jews and Christians for friends … slay the idolaters [infidels] wherever ye find them. …Fight against those who … believe not in Allah nor the Last Day” (Sura 5:51; 9:5,29,41). Of the Unbelievers: Sura 4:89 “seize them and slay them wherever you find them: and in any case take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”

      That’s all there is to it! You just have to abandon PC to see the facts – then you’ll get it!

    7. Abu-Waleed said

      Don’t trust anything you hear about Islam before knowing the 2 deceptive “Islamic laws” of
      1. “AL-TAQIYA” : Lie to infidels to protect & spread Islam.
      2. “ABROGATION” : The peaceful verses in the first (60%) half of the Quran (meant to entice future converts) get VOIDED by the violent verses towards the end of the Quran.

      I know all this because I was born & raised (for almost 30 yrs) in a strictly Muslim country and studied Islam all the way to college. I’m in USA now. If you want the Truth about Islam then only rely on Islamic books/sources FROM Muslim countries MADE FOR Muslims. Never trust the Islamic books/resources in the west, they are false advertisement all sugared up & watered down-custom made to entice converts = SUCKERS.

      Also the truth about Islam CAN NOT be found through Muslims (They will tell you lies=TAQIYA about Islam, Qur’an and the people who expose true Islam/Muslims) IF you want to find out the truth then talk to TRULY “Former Muslims” or “Minorities from Muslim Countries” but make sure you talk to them in a secure setting or else they will lie in order to protect themselves and their families still stuck in Muslim countries.

      Former Muslims will tell you that even if all Muslims don’t take part in terrorism still 97% of them support and praise it (secretly in the west but openly in their countries). Remember distribution of sweets in the streets after 9/11 attacks? In accordance with Islamic laws the TOP most priority and loyalty of these 97% of the Muslims is their FAITH and their “UMAH” (i.e. 1 Islamic Nation against the infidels – regardless of their internal differences) not their western nationality, culture, western higher education or the football team.

      WAKE UP! Or you will be conquered by ISLAM just like Europe IS (in the process of today), India or Spain once WAS (for centuries) and Egypt still IS (it used to be Coptic Christian country for 1400 yrs)! DON”T BECOME LIKE THOSE COUNTRIES! I was born & raised (for almost 30 yrs) in a strictly Muslim country as a local, I studied Islam all the way to university – so trust me Islam is deceptively violent and the proof is in the last (40%) half of the (original) Quran! Find out the truth, to expose Islam, then spread the word – before it’s too late! Watch the following 3 you tube vids:


      The examples of TRULY peaceful (& compatible with western world) 3% of Muslims:
      1. Lesbian author Irshaad Manji “The trouble with Islam today”
      2. Kamal Nawash of freemuslims org (The only Muslim organization that immediately condemns terrorist attacks w/o making the typical lame excuses or justification you hear from the 97% of the Muslims).
      Thank you and remember to be prepared and inform others – spread the word!

    8. Abu-Waleed said

      Only if all the people of the world who praised Islam had access to the true Islamic materials/sources – the ones MADE FOR the MUSLIMS used in Muslim countries not the ones that are ads custom made for attracting converts/SUCKERS e.g. the PROPHET of THE RELIGION OF PEACE:
      Sirat Bin Hisham page 234, vol23
      from Ahmad Bin Holial
      “the Prophet (Age 50) was sleeping in Amenah’s house , when they brought him Aisha , she was in her 6 years of age, The Prophet kissed her rectum, and touched her between the legs, he was smiling when he said, May Allah bless your Mother (for giving birth to a beauty like you) Aisha, he then sucked her tongue and closed the door , he was greeted by the followers”
      You see here people the age difference was 44yrs – not common even back then people did get married at early age but both husband & wife were not this many years apart – maybe 10-15 yrs at most. Also Aisha was given to him at 6 but he didn’t consummate the marriage till she was 9. So what did he do between these 3 yrs? He invented the Islamic law of “THIGHING” putting his male parts between her thighs / crotch. Even then with this much age difference this practice was called pedophilia – until he did it.

    9. nina.evgenievna said

      According to me, the West has to study the histoty of the Bolkans, especially the Bulgarians. 500 huhdred years under muslim/turkish rule is the lesson to be known. And also the contemporary situation – agresive islyam in the centre of the capital. And the only incriminated were people
      protesting against the disgusting sound by the moscue (a cultural monument) 5 times a day and all demonsrating young muslims ) lying on the street, aganst any roles of the municipality. Pls, we need help. ASAP

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