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Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense!

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    (Kuffarphobia - the irrational fear and loathing of all non-Muslims)





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    Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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    Boycott these islamic countries.

    Please do not buy goods, services or products from these countries nor take a vacation in any of them.

    Please print out the list and use it when shopping to compare with the country of manufacture of the item.

    Afghanistan Guinea Bissau Oman
    Albania Indonesia Pakistan
    Algeria Iran Palestine
    Azerbaijan Iraq Qatar
    Bahrain Jordan Saudi Arabia
    Bangladesh Kazakhstan Senegal
    Benin Kosovo Sierra Leone
    Brunei Darussalam Kuwait Somalia
    Burkina Faso Kyrgyzstan Sudan
    Cameroon Lebanon Syrian_AR
    Chad Libya Tajikistan
    Comoros Malaysia Tunisia
    Djibouti Maldives Turkey
    Egypt Mali Turkmenistan
    Gabon Mauritania United Arab Emirates
    Gambia Morocco Uzbekistan
    Guinea Niger Yemen



    Random House publicationsfor refusing to publish a novel about Aisha

    Arla – dairy produce

    Radisson Hotels


    JBS Swift & Co.alters lunch time breaks for muslims during ramadan

    Kentucky Fried ChickenPanders to Muslims so as not to “offend” them


    13 Responses to “BOYCOTTS”

    1. […] Remember to follow SIOE’s suggested boycotts  […]

    2. Stefcho said

      The problem is our own companies are also folding since they want the “Muslim market”.

      In the UK, Sainsburys, McDonalds and others are offering halal… now US franchise Subway has joined them – the list keeps growing, and more and more money is going into Muslim pockets.

      Somehow, such companies need to be (financially) punished for helping to Islamize our cultures.

    3. Kiumars said

      I only buy Jewish Kosher products (which is like Islamic Halal food) with added Kosher Tax that non-Jews must pay the Jews when they buy them, is that ok?

    4. Kiumars said

      Look, UK supermarkets sell Israeli food products and they pay Israel Kosher TAX (estimated a few billion pounds every year!) shoudn’t we bycote kosher food too?

      • EnglishJew said

        What “Kosher tax”?? What “tax to Jews”??
        The meat is more expensive because it usually tends to be free range as well. Better quality than halal.
        Dont try your little anti semitic games here.

    5. Tgik said

      “The problem is our own companies are also folding since they want the “Muslim market”.”

      Win the Muslim market, lose the non-Muslim market. Everybody should BOYCOTT these companies without compromise, without delay.

    6. munir said

      we are here to stay u cant do nothing about it why dont u banned jews meat why only muslim u are scared we muslims are growing very fast last year there where so many white british people convert to islam check for your self how many u will be shocked long like muslim brother and sister we are 1

      • JLazier said

        Munir said: “We are here to stay. You can do nothing about it.” Are you so sure that the native Europeans can do nothing about the problem of numerous Muslim communities across Europe? A century ago, less than half the population in Poland was Jewish. How many Jews are there to-day in Poland? What I can see in Europe is that the Muslims communities are more and more disliked. A lot of native Europeans would very much like them to be deported from Europe altogether. If I were you, I would not make such foolish assertions. Nobody knows what the future holds for the numerous Muslims communities in Europe.

      • Jerry said

        Your English is lousy, in fact it is terrible. Hey idiot, the world is starting to wake up and fight back against you evil and murdering muslims. Just wait till Judgement Day, you people deserve to burn in hell.

    7. Martin Renna said

      Albania should not be on that list. There are just as many christians as muslims in taht tiny country. And moreover, the majority 70%, claim not to belong to any religion.
      M Renna

    8. thomas nechellsbordlesley said

      We should include tesco

    9. fernandez said

      Sorry guys but your weapons will never work, your actions will just victimise muslims and attract public sympathy.
      Larger and peaceful demonstrations could work. But we shall be millions in front of Buckingham Palace not just 300 people…
      People filling up our Christian Churches would work too…
      Voting against muslim politicians maybe…but who bother to vote? Muslims do! They are united against us whilst we are so selfish and keen to fight to each other because of a football match…
      Believe me, nobody will stop muslims by using civilised methods. They are taking us over by using our political system, our freedom of speech, our tolerance. They have a long term plan, we haven’t! They are very organised as Mafia is whilst we live in small family cells and just want to stay out of trouble.If you let them know you do not like them then you are in trouble. Forget the 9/11 this is about silent terror, people are just afraid to say anything just to avoid problems. This is not a joke, is Mafia, muslim Mafia. We need a Corrado Cattani and a Vlad The Impaler to defeat them. God help us!

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