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    The Trinity of Evil

    Posted by sioeengland on May 16, 2010

    Diversity – Political Correctness – Multiculturalism

    This poison has been used to mitigate the punishment of murderers, rapists, and drug dealers who have enjoyed its all embracing protection.

    While every one of us should be outraged that criminals have been given a charter to freely offend, it presents an even greater danger to our way of life. All over the Western world this trinity of evil is easing our country’s slide into abject servitude to Islam.

    Although Britain’s Labour party finally admitted that it used mass immigration to socially engineer this country for cynically political advantage, it failed to face up to, or perhaps does not even care that this mass immigration has also like a Trojan Horse bought a violent and dangerous enemy into our midst.

    Despite evidence increasing day by day clearly showing that Islam plans to take control of Britain, and as is true to form the world over Muslims work at this through intimidation and violence, even so our political masters continue to allow outrageous behaviour by Muslim gangs to go unpunished.

    Labour Party MP Shahid Malik has predicted the total Islamification of Britain and a Muslim prime minister, “Allah willing”, within the next thirty years.

    “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe, without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within the next few decades.”
    Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi

    Muslim gangs know that through Diversity, PC, and Multiculturalism they are untouchable.

    Many of the Mosques have been shown to be little more than vehicles for the indoctrination of Muslims into a global jihad, and these Muslims either express their loyalty to the cause by fighting in wars against us in Afghanistan, and Iraq, or on our streets. Everyone who is not a Muslim is the enemy, and the enemy must be confronted.;f=10;t=004928;p=1

    TERROR chiefs plan to flood our streets with heroin in a terrifying plot to wage “chemical jihad” on Britain.
    And they have been using hate-filled Muslim gangs as their UK dealers.
    How PC protects hate filled Muslims is no better exemplified than through a recent event involving the desecration of one of our countries war memorials.

    Conservative MP David Burrows said this.

    “We in this country owe a colossal debt to the war dead and so their memories should be treated with the proper respect. Criminals who desecrate war memorials must be properly punished not let off with a slap on the wrist.”

    However when a Muslim is involved in one of the most blatant forms of this hate crime, then that punishment is mollified.

    “A Muslim protester who daubed a war memorial with graffiti glorifying Osama Bin Laden and proclaiming ‘Islam will dominate the world’ walked free from court after prosecutors ruled his actions were not motivated by religion”.
    Tohseef Shah, 21, could have faced a tougher sentence if the court had accepted that the insults – which included a threat to kill the Prime Minister – were inspired by religious hatred.

    One of Britain’s leading Bishops warned back in 2008 of the danger of Muslims creating in Britain no go areas for non Muslims.
    By Jonathan Wynne-Jones
    Published: 12:01AM GMT 06 Jan 2008

    The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester and the Church’s only Asian bishop, says that people of a different race or faith face physical attack if they live or work in communities dominated by a strict Muslim ideology.

    Look though what our political masters said.
    William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, said “the bishop had “probably put it too strongly”.

    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said “the idea of no-go areas was “a gross caricature of reality”.
    The Muslim Council of Britain today described his comments as “frantic scaremongering”,
    No Go areas for white people in England.

    Pakistani gangs have turned Derby’s historic Arboretum Park into a no-go zone for non-Muslims.
    There have been at least seven violent incidents in the park, which has the distinction of being Britain’s first public park, dating back to 1840. The majority of victims have been from the local white community, although one black and one Sikh have also been attacked.
    Muslim thug who spat on WWII Hero’s Medals Escapes Jail
    NO suprise that we have another sickening blatant example of the British judiciary system going soft on muslim thugs.  Iraqi, Serwan Abdullah, 23, another muslim-sorry-excuse-for-a-man spat on a World War II hero’s medals, worn by his proud grandson, on Remembrance Day. After committing the abhorrent and unprovoked act – the cowardly Abdullah quickly ran away.

    Police release details of hate-crime attacker : [However the Greater Manchester Police refused to class the crime as racially motivated.]
    Reporter: Richard Hooton
    Date online: 26/02/2010
    POLICE have released a description of one of the attackers involved in a vicious assault in Westwood — and have appealed for information.

    The Chronicle revealed on Monday that four white teenagers were attacked by a group of seven Asian males, aged in their late teens, in Featherstall Road North.

    The victims told the Chronicle they feared the incident on Wednesday, February 17, was racially-motivated.

    The GMP press office twice told the Chronicle that it did not believe there was a racial element and had classed the crime as common assault.

    There gangs roam or streets with impunity knowing that the establishment will cave into their demands, they threaten violence and mob rampage to get concessions and the establishment concedes to their demands.

    And finally, start this hatred young just so they will be nice obedient drones for the coming fight. Enjoy.

    We must stop Muslim schools teaching that integration is a sin
    Some Muslim schools make it their mission to prevent assimiliation – and it is time the Government changed that, says Denis MacEoin.

    Many commentators have spoken of the long-term consequences to society of an over-lenient policy of multiculturalism. In the Islamic case, the growth of exclusive communities in major cities carries the added risk that young men and women may be more easily lured into violence. ….Speaking at a Muslim Educational conference in 2002, Dr Musharraf Hussain stated that: “The raison d’être of Muslim schools is vigorously stated by its founders as follows: to prevent the assimilation of the new generation.”
    A Saudi-run school in London uses textbooks which describe Jews as monkeys and Christians as pigs.

    History has shown that appeasement only emboldens the bully and fuels greater demands.

    “The appeaser feeds the crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last” – Winston Churchill


    7 Responses to “The Trinity of Evil”

    1. erica said

      Dear SIOE,

      I’m very grateful that this site exists as I have been quite distraught about the Evil Trinity these past 5 years – not least because I was one of those foolish idealists in the 1980s who believed I was demonstrating for a fairer future.

      However…I honestly think the game is up. What I am looking for now are groups that want to create a new future for us by retaining the culture and civilisation that Europeans orginally created, in other words to focus on our development in the same way that nearly all other groups focus on their development e.g. through supportive business and legal networks. I think it’s good to provide opposition but equally we need to help the silent suffering majority find a space where they can be with like-minded people instead of constantly having to listen to the media telling them they are inferior.

      That said, I also find that whenever current affairs programmes touch on any issue related to Islam, (and increasingly any political issue since nowadays programmes often have a muslim to give their perpsective) that the muslim arguments are flawed, but no-one is able to argue against them on a logical basis.

      One technique that muslims use alot is to reflect whatever the non-muslim says. It’s a bit like children saying ‘so do you, ner’. But unfortunately the strategy is working and the Evil Trinity has really been turned against us in ways that simply are not philosophically robust or factually true.

      One easy example is muslims constantly citing Northern Ireland as evidence that Christians are just as violent as muslims – why doesn’t somebody come up with a robust answer based on facts and figures about world violence so we can quash their argument on TV once and for all?

      Another example is female covering – where have all the advocates of women’s emancipation gone? The veil and head scarf are both worn on the premise that men cannot be expected to control their urges at the sight of women’s hair. I’ve never ever heard that argument presented all I ever hear is that it is cultural so it’s OK. Well, European men had to learn to control their urges so I don’t see why muslim men living in Europe should be given special privilege.

      If we are really serious about defeating Islamification we have to have some well educated debaters on TV using debating skills and uncontestable facts and logic to quash the clever but spurious arguments being wheeled out by muslims.

      You have some excellent text about so-called moderate muslims and this is something that has urked me a while. But can we nto get this argument onto TV? Nobody ever seems to challenge the claim when it is made but clearly if extremist christians went around bombing, moderate christians would be the first to object. We control our own.

      I noticed on the MCB site that they opposed a character being called Allah in The Matrix some years ago. There is a perfectly valid argument stating that how westerners use non-western names is up to them because there is a difference between banning something in your own culture and expecting other cultures to ban it too. We have to tackle the way muslim values are being rolled out for everyone on the basis that it is respect for their culture. It is not respect for their culture it is their culture dictating to our culture. They are living in the West and should respect our values.

      Which brings me back to my first point. The way to defeat this is to rebuild our culture. To insist that everyone is allowed ethnicity beyond simply being a colour and that the west is a coherent culture with 2000yrs history or more and with established customs and practices that we are proud of as much as other cultures are proud of theirs. We have to stop the West being a free for all as the capitalists would like it to be.

      Thanks for letting me have my say!

    2. kate b said

      The problem in the UK is that we have a new King, Herman Von Rompuy whom no-one elected, whose job it is to remove member states’ sovereignty. Even if we were given a referendum:

      a) it is unconstitutional as we cannot have a foreign body making British law
      b) we know from the Ireland experience that we would have to vote and revote until we made the ‘right’ decision.

      The king wants ‘job migration’ to include N.Africa to Jordan, but excluding the only true democracy: Israel – check out the countries in the list on the right here:

      for a nutshell of news please refer to Robert Spencer’s article here:

      Yes N. Africa, including Libya, not to mention croatia, Albania, Kosovo and other Islamic Balkan states (which the EU has stumped up cash for a university offering post grad studies) – please check out EMUNI for other contributors and guess what the contents of these M.A, PH.d. courses may just have in common.

      The root of all evil is money, the Sharia banks are rubbing their hands as we speak (there is a Venue presently in Malaysia about global Sharia banking) because of the crash of the Euro.

      We give power to the beast and we perish through lack of knowledge. Those of us who have this knowledge are villified and thrown the racist card, but we ought to use freedom of speech whilst we still have it. I don’t think universities are the places to sound off though, they are brainwashed already because of the money they receive, and that is where their sympathies lie. And when the beast takes over, don’t even think there will be Diversity, Political Correctness and multiculturalism.

      But don’t despair – what has been will be, there is nothing new under the sun.

    3. andrew said

      All Muslim Governments and Muslim Terrorists are like Nazi Germany . They already declared war on Europe and USA by doing Islamization of Europe , USA and World ( Muslim population are increasing in Europe and USA and building of new mosques every day ). So Europe and USA Governments must declare war on All Muslim Governments and Muslim terrorists. Expel all Muslims from Europe and USA and Demolish all mosques.

    4. olympiada said

      This is a video from Athens. Celebrating the new year used to be safe in Greece. Not any more…

    5. We badly need these facts to be disseminated among the vast majority
      of British people who are sleepwalking their way to losing their
      entire way of life and culture to the Muslim cuckoos in the nest who
      are slowly, patiently building their power and resources to dominate us

    6. Jordan Clarke said

      We need to get it through to the fast declining english christian majority in our country that it is not incorrect or racist or whatever they say it is to voice our opinions on the subject of immigration, especially of that of open-al qaeda supporters and muslim extremist. How is it fair that we should sit scared in our own country of what might happen like 9/11 did to the americans and not be able to talk about it for fear of upsetting someone…its disgusting. Gone are the days where you could stand up and say how you felt- human rights- bollocks!

    7. Anglo Saxon said

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