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    Harrow stop mosque building demo 13th December

    Posted by sioeengland on October 8, 2009


    The Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, publicly read an Islamic poem including the lines: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and Muslims our soldiers…”

    HAMMER THEIR HELMETS! BLUNT THEIR BAYONETS! (metaphorical reference to no more mosques).


    Location:  Square in front of Harrow Civic Centre, Station Road/Milton Road junction.

    Date:          13th December 2009

    Time:         14.00 – 16.00 (2pm – 4pm)


    1. Approved anti-sharia and anti-Islamisation chants, banners and placards will be permitted. Official chants:-

    No sharia here text2 

    Hammer their helmets! Blunt their bayonets! (this is a metaphorical reference to no more mosques).

    No more mosques!

    Stop kuffarphobia!

    2. English, Welsh, Scottish, N. Irish, national flags, national flags of other countries, certain other national flags will be permitted and encouraged. Some flags already known to be represented are:-



    Serbia Israel

    Let us know which flag you’ll be flying!

    3. Certain other flags representing communities struggling against Islamic colonisation such as Papua New Guinea and Biafra will be permitted.

    4. Certain civil rights flags, banners and placards will be encouraged provided they are displayed within the no-sharia context of the demonstration.

    5. ALL MUST BE APPROVED BY THE ORGANISERS BEFORE THE PROTEST Speakers using hand held megaphones will address the gathering. Names of speakers will be provided to the police prior to the demonstration. Speeches must be approved by the organisers.


    Speakers to explain Muslim persecution in Islamic countries.

    Copts in Egypt

    Hindus in Bangladesh

    Hindus in Malayasia

    Christians in Indonesia

    Christians in Pakistan

    Papuans in Indonesia

    Jews everywhere


    1. As with previous SIOE demonstrations, political parties are banned.

    2. Any racist chanting, banners and placards will result in immediate ejection of the perpetrators from the demo as will nazi salutes.

    3. Totalitarian symbols such as nazi swastikas, communist hammer and sickles, Islamic star and crescent, UNLESS CLEARLY CROSSED OUT OR DEFACED WITH A STOP SIGN.

    Banners, placards and speeches will be shown to the police prior to the protest starting if requested.


    The pointer “C” is the junction of Milton Road, Station Road opposite Rosslyn Crescent View Larger Map


    14 Responses to “Harrow stop mosque building demo 13th December”

    1. Riley said

      You are doing an excellent job – something the governments should have done a long, long time ago.

    2. Riley said

      You are doing an excellent job – something the morons in the government cannot tackle.

    3. Riley said

      If this total crazyness is not stopped, it will be completely uncontrollable. Perhaps the government advisors could go out and live in muslim countries to actually see for themselves the oppression of women who are treated like dogs, as they are hit and abused, while the men enjoy a man’s world, normally hit their wifes and sleep around, and the subservient women have to remain quiet or else they are thrown on the streets, are not wanted by another man because they are no longer ‘virgins’ as the koran dictates, and remain outcasts often by their own family. All the do-gooders here are totally nieve – they have no idea. I have lived in a muslim country. Terrible catastropies are happening all over the world and they will get far far worse before these government idiots wake-up. – By then it will all be too late.

    4. joewatkins1234 said

      Hi I’m a white atheist and SIOE has opened my eyes to some of the major issues this country is facing with invasion and it has really scared me.

      I myself and ISOE need to do more to stop the invasion. I think first we should try to gain more politcal power and set up our own party. Once we have this power we can start to subtly inforce new rules; for instance banning the building of Mosques and open Islamic worship.

      As the muslims are huge threat we should then try to make them more visible in society, we should make them wear something all the time to highlight what they are; for instance we could make them wear a badge on all of their clothes like the crescent and star.

      After that we could start to stop them from living amongst other people this way they can’t attack us so easily they aren’t so close. We could create special holiday camps that we could evacuate them too. While they are there I recon we shave of there beards as they are very intimidating, maybe we should shave their heads too, just incase of head lice. Also in these camps we shouldn’t give them baths only ‘special showers!’

      This can all start in Harrow, we can advertise there and put a potential cabinet together.

      Please let me know what you think of my ideas, paricuarly in gaining more political power. I think we could go far, hell we could rule the world!

      • Tostig said

        Joe Watkins, Are you nuts or a member of UAF? (come to think of it, if you are a member of that weird group of misfits you have to be nuts). No thinking person would tolerate any of your suggestions so do not be silly.

      • Auburn said


        O how unique, A Muslim Troll. Trying to cast yourself in the role of holocaust victim.
        Islamists love to play the victim.

        Islam is not a race.
        It is the facist ideology of Islam that desires the extermination of the Jews and everyone else who does not accept Mohammed as a prophet.

    5. sam said


      im a non muslim who lives in a predominatly muslim area in one of the inner city areas of birmingham.

      im also concerned about muslims taking over. I have every justifucation. I and my family have been constantly harrased by muslims. we had our cars stolen, been verbally abusewd in the street. the parents of these muslims youths dont care and activly encourage it. so when these muslims sauy they are peace abiding, pardon me if that sounds like a load of ******

    6. Cumbriasfinest said

      The time to make a stand is now while there is still the freedom to do so.Its not racist to be proud of who you are,your country,its history,its people and its future.

    7. robertstansfield said


    8. exannie said

      how many people are you expecting?

    9. thomas nechellsbordlesley said

      Birmingham used to live there, was showing a friend around the other day, i was ashamed of the place.I need not say more.

    10. Faith said

      CUT OFF THE HEAD, KILL THE BODY… What little mental power Muslim’s have resides within the walls of Saudi Arabia… Cut off the money flow and kill the global muslim body. I don’t know why citizens, in Nations around the World, are not pushing harder for technology advances within the field of alternative fuel – specifically ethanol. One of the reasons “Muzzies” have stepped up their breeding practices is because they see the “writing on the wall” and they know that it’s only a matter of time before China, U.S., U.K., Russia, etc. STOP utilizing Saudi Oil. Like the disease they are, they are looking to take over another body (e.g., Euro, U.S.) to fund their expansion efforts. Rats can’t breed if you take away their food source…

    11. THENLI 80 said

      this is it debates ahmad dedat with anis shoros

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