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    Wave of Homophobia Sweeps the Muslim World

    Posted by sioeengland on September 18, 2009

    So blame the British

    European Prudery Exported to the Colonies

    The story of Lot and related verses in the Koran were not interpreted as unambiguous references to homosexual sex until the 20th century, says Everett Rowson, professor of Islamic Studies at New York University. This reinterpretation was the result of Western influences — its source was the prudery of European colonialists who introduced their conception of sexual morality to the newly conquered countries.

    The fact of the matter is that half of the laws across the world that prohibit homosexuality today are derived from a single law that the British enacted in India in 1860. “Many attitudes with regard to sexual morality that are thought to be identical to Islam owe a lot more to Queen Victoria than to the Koran,” Rowson says.

    More than anything, it is the politicization of Islam that has led to the persecution of gays today. Sexual morals are no longer a private matter. They are regulated and instrumentalized by governments.



    4 Responses to “Wave of Homophobia Sweeps the Muslim World”

    1. Anglo Saxon said

      Was just announced on the news today gays are being attacked even more today, Muslim numbers increase gay attacks go up, although they wont say who its by

    2. lucksgood said

      I hate that our freedoms are what will one day allow people to destroy those very liberties.

      Radical islamists are hypocrits and they are their own worst enemies. Peaceful, true Islamists have been accepted here. They should do their faith a favour and in turn, they should accept us. It is because they refuse to accept our rights, (be it gay, womens’, animal, democratic rights etc) that I have turned to sioe.

      I believe in rights, not ancient rules. Suffering and persecution is not faith. It is radicalisation based on violence and fear. The fear of what happens after you have lived. It’s nonsense.

      I do not agree with the war, because yes, innocent people are dying and that is wrong. But I believe that we must stop those who threaten what I love about my British, liberal and diverse society. Everyone is welcome, but I will fight to defend my right to chose who I am and how I want to live my life.

      I know that not all Brits/Europeans agree with homosexuality, it is hard to ask anyone to fully understand something that they are not. But perhaps they can accept that it is more important that our society should not tolerate intolerance, because that, in the end, harms everyone and will give the radicalists exactly what they wanted.

      Just to ramble on a little bit further, this could be a good debate if tackled properly: “Gay rights or radical islam?”

      • John Moxon said

        I am not in favor of homosexuality per se but each of them is human and deserve to be treated with dignity as humans.They do not deserve to be killed or hung out like the wash!

    3. A renegade said

      How I am supposed to discuss that in an Islamic country? Islamism here is like Communism in the 1960’s Moscow
      there’s no way out but immigration or seeking asylum to escape persecution whether it’s caused by a queen, Islam or heterosexism

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