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    Conversion (desecration) of a church into a mosque

    Posted by sioeengland on September 16, 2009

    SIOE wants the names of the destruction companies destroying England’s heritage and replacing it with the inferior stoning-age islam, either by this act of wanton vandalism or by the building of the houses of hate called mosques.

    These companies must be named, shamed and boycotted.

    SIOE wants the names of the councillors who permitted this sacrilege. Our colleagues in Denmark have compiled a list of those councillors who granted permission for the building of a gigantic mosque in Copenhagen. These councillors have experienced the wrath of Danish people.

    Likewise, Danish destruction companies involved with creating Copenhagen’s carbuncle of hate-preaching are being named. Antifascists in Denmark have destroyed the vehicles of building companies that flattened their squats. SIOE wishes to organise boycotts against all building contractors involved with mosque construction.

    John Denham equated SIOE’s perfectly legal Harrow mosque demonstration with Moseley’s fascists. No doubt he does not believe this vandalism in Manchester to be in any way confrontational or fascistic. We can all imagine his condemnatory reaction should muslim graves be vandalised. John “Dhimmi” Denham Knight of the Order of Hypocrisy.

    The nastiest bigots are those prejudiced against their own people – and the Labour Party is full of English-hating bigots.

    English people abandon Labour because Labour has abandoned you!!

    Vote out Dhimmi Denham at the next election. Let him know what you think of this disgusting kuffarphobic Islamist vandalism.



    5 Responses to “Conversion (desecration) of a church into a mosque”

    1. Kyle Winder said

      i cannot believe this has happened!!! How can anyone expect to be buried knowing that they will be able to rest in peace when this is happening? how can this be allowed? what is bieng, or can be done to stop this. It need not be said what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot.This is completly insane.
      Something needs to be done. Is there going to be a demonstration?

    2. Joyce said

      This is a disgrace. How dare they distroy peoples graves. There would be uproar and demonstrations in the streets if this was other religious graves. The media should report this in the same manner they reported the other stories as shown in the video. I’m outraged.

    3. Magnus Nielsen said

      May I suggest that someone write a letter of protest to the Bishop of Manchester expressing concern for the protection of graves after churches have been sold?. He may not answer, but you should persist and send copies to the local press until you get an acceptable reply.

      If nothing comes of this, a protest outside Manchester Cathedral would be in order.

    4. John India said

      What a shame on us, Is Europe became EUROBIA ?? Mosques are main Terrorist place to plan Jihad.Ban all the Mosques in UK,Europe and accross the world .Let them have in thier holy land of Arabia….UK govet and citizens pls wake up ….before u become EUROBIA….

    5. drew said

      Un-Be-Freakin’-Believable ! Imagine playing “Backhoe” in a muslim gravesite or UAF gravesite. Bishop of Canterbury has failed to defend our faith and sold our churches with their wall memoriams too, to a fanatical, misogynistic religion that brought terrorist bombs into England in this 21st century. How very accomodating of New Labour…sold us out to an invading alienated 7th century fascist cult of death. I thought Britain was MY country guaranteed and written by my ancestors who fought, died and got wounded so my country and culture and traditions should ever remain mine. They cannot die in vain for us their children.

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