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    Clarification of anti-Islamist goups in England

    Posted by sioeengland on September 16, 2009



    SIOE has never had any physical opposition to its events in England until 11th September 2009, because it is universally recognised as being non-racist and opposing Nazism, Communism and the nastiest form of totalitarianism, Islam.

    SIOE has argued for a free, open an honest debate about the place, if any, of Islam within Western democracies.  However, when we have not been universally ignored by the media and politicians, we have been condemned, in the predictably hackneyed manner, with accusations of racism, bigotry etc. 

    Well, our warnings should have been listened to, because indifference and condemnation have led to the generation of other anti-Islamist groups, born out of frustration at the flagrant favouritism shown by EU governments towards Muslims and their ways of life at the expense of European values.

    Although SIOE by its very makeup is unarguably separate from the EDL and Casuals, SIOE hopes that tens of thousands of football supporters join both EDL and the Casuals.

    Dhimmi European governments, judiciaries and police forces deserve an army of young men to fearlessly confront the growth of Islam and Sharia on our continent.  They have brought it upon themselves and they certainly do deserve it.


    People in England who oppose Islam now have some choices.

    1. Stop Islamisation Of Europe – SIOE

    SIOE, does not accept the notion of moderate Muslims. 

    This makes SIOE different to all other anti-Islamist groups who only oppose Islamist “extremists”. 

    SIOE seeks to stop Islam and Sharia Law, and denounces Nazism, communism, totalitarianism and racism. SIOE encourages communities persecuted by Islamic regimes, or by Muslim minorities in for example Thailand, to explain their plight because the mainstream media censor news about Islamic persecution and oppression.

    SIOE holds peaceful demonstrations across Europe at locations such as the EU Parliament and other parliamentary buildings, town squares, supermarkets and wherever it considers Islamisation is encroaching on European culture, traditions, politics and laws.

    SIOE has been campaigning since 2007.  It provides a voice for minority communities oppressed and persecuted by Muslims across the world.  It has support from such communities because of its fierce and consistent anti-racist policy and its banning of political parties from its events.

    People from all adult age groups join SIOE’s demonstrations.

    SIOE resents accusations of racism. In 2008 SIOE was the only organisation to protest against the ethnic cleansing of Greenlander Inuits by Muslims in Gellerup in northern Denmark.  It is the only organisation that demonstrates against (as opposed to talking about) the Muslim persecution of non-Muslims happening around the world.

    2. March for England and United British Association

    These groups promote English and British culture and traditions and oppose Sharia law and Islamisation. They have thrown the BNP and NF out of their demos and people of different ethnicities join their marches. They have supported the Ghurkas’ right to settle in the UK.  M4E and UBA have occasionally demonstrated about Islamisation outside of mosques since 2004.

    3. The English Defence League and Casuals United

    These are openly football supporters and demonstrate against Islamic extremists in the manner of football supporters, but deny any association with the BNP or National Front.

    They have displayed banners at demonstrations saying “to hell with the National Front”, “we are not the BNP, we are not racist we are only against Islamic extremism”.

    SIOE encourages football supporters who oppose Islamic extremism to join the English Defence League and other Defence Leagues to campaign in their unique way.  Groups already exist in Scotland and Wales and are starting up in Italy, the Netherlands and other European countries.

    4. BNP, National Front and England First Party

    If people are inclined towards the BNP, NF, EFP or any other political party who seem to do nothing other than ride on the backs of other organisations’ efforts, merely for their own publicity, or try to infiltrate groups that actually do something then please join these parties and motivate them to actively do something themselves.

    Just don’t tell those who are actually doing something their efforts are useless then spoil it for them by promoting these parties on videos of events organised by groups who have nothing to do with the BNP, NF or EFP etc.  Offering the lame excuse “it was not an official video” is one step short of pathetic.

    We won’t hold our breath.

     One thing people in England who oppose Islamisation no longer have is an excuse not to do something.

    So English people take your pick and do something.

     People from persecuted minorities who are anxious about the growth of Islam and establishment of Sharia in Europe, please support SIOE. Join SIOE or start your own action group to peacefully protest as SIOE does.

     The pressure must be continuous and must come from a broad swathe of people.


    5 Responses to “Clarification of anti-Islamist goups in England”

    1. London Jim said

      Keep up the good work ! Freedom and Liberty must never be taken for granted. We are their Guardians, and all of us must honor our Duty.

    2. Some interesting insights there, what would you recommend a newcomer to all of this read from here?

      • Michael Lawrence said

        A Letter being distributed to American States Boards of Education offers profound insight:
        PO Box 2763 Carmichael California 95609

        Dear School Board Member,
        Enclosed you will find the address’s for three of many web sites that offer critical analysis of Islamic expansionism into Western Culture. The information our research has uncovered is nothing short of frightening. It is the responsibility of every academic administrator to personally research the history, foundation, evolution and ideology of an unknown subject with critically objective empirical data before our texts are configured and our children are exposed to it. It is an academic crime to accept the biased, subjective definitions of a subject from its proponents while ignoring contradictory evidence. As you will learn, Islam is not some pastoral introverted sect such as the Amish with no hostile expansionist ambitions. The true nature of “Mohamedism” and the Koran or Qur’an remains mostly hidden to Western Academia, Media and Governments because of the monumental failure of intellect, research and due diligence by these entities. And in spite of the fact Islamists deliberately cloak their ideology in a shroud of obfuscation to thwart true understanding, the truth should be common knowledge.
        The fundamental ideology of Islam has not changed or evolved since its inception and the confrontational and belligerent political goals of Modern Islam dovetails perfectly with the ancient political ambitions of Mohammed. It still remains, in spite of some secular agnosticism, a rigid Totalitarian Theocratic Political Cult, covertly and overtly at war with all non-Muslim (infidel) civilization. The intellectual and spiritual poverty of its followers is guaranteed by the ‘noxious propaganda’ and violent revolution derived from the pages of its suspect scriptures.
        The first web page you must go to is The Qur’an, then log onto the site identified by:
        quran.htm. This is the research of a celebrated British Scholar fluent in Arabic dialects, with a long history of critical analysis of Islam. With unimpeachable sources he reveals the corrupt, errant and derivative creation of the Qur’an and exposes the fallible, erratic and violent personality of its creator. With historic transcripts, irrefutable logic, transcendental analysis and Spiritual clarity he unveils the false claims of Muslims of the divinity of Mohammed, his status as a prophet and the supposed miraculous revelations of the Qur’an. He exposes the ridiculous confusion that envelopes Islamic scholars as they try to rectify the numerous contradictions, blatant historic and scientific errors and fantasies and the totally disorganized content of the Qur’an. And finally he lays to rest the absurd notion that the Qur’an is the final revelation from God. He reveals it as the simple compilation of a religious fanatics twisted revision of Biblical scripture and History, accompanied by the primitive and barbaric teachings of ancient Arabic tribes. Mohammed would have you believe that the angel Gabriel came to him and instructed him to advise the world that the scriptures of all the previous prophets are to be discarded in favor of his interpretations, including the dismissal of the annunciation (by Gabriel we might add) of Christ’s Messianic mission. Of course with typical Mid-Eastern delusional duplicity he heaps respect and praise upon the prophets while simultaneously rejecting them. The teachings of the Qur’an have eternally condemned its followers to lives of lies and deception.
        As a compliment to this information we recommend you next make a perusal of the site: The Cult of Islam by Ali Sinai. This is an expose’ by a Muslim convert who verifies the preceding body of work and takes it a step further by indicting Islam as a Cult and not a true religion, explaining how Mohammed and his followers condoned and encouraged lying and deception to infiltrate the infidel cultures. Again, an individual fluent in the language and with intimate knowledge of the Qur’an identifies the verses and the ideology that point out the violent, subversive political agenda of Islam as it existed a thousand years ago an how it is being implemented today to infiltrate the West and bring about its stated goals of the destruction of Christianity, Judaism and Western culture. In spite of the uninformed mouthing’s of self appointed spokespersons for the West that Islam recognizes Jesus with admiration, what they have failed to unearth is that Islamists believe in the aforementioned dismissal of Christ and that Christianity is a perversion of Christ’s teachings and is lumped into the pantheon of World Religions that are singled our for destruction by Islamic righteousness.
        To round out your understanding of the true nature of Islam and how blatantly they are using the West’s tolerance of religion to further their political agenda we point out an essay by a noted investigative journalist: log onto Larry Kelley “Islamist Infiltration.” You will learn just how deeply Islamist extremists have infiltrated our society and government. With declassified FBI files and undercover infiltration, we learn of the American Muslim Brotherhoods wildly insane five phase plan to overthrow the US. Absurd as it may seem, the infiltration of our society by a multitude of Wolves in Sheep’s clothing is happening at an alarming rate. Their modus operandi is to feign moderation, tolerance and inclusion while claiming victimization when any trace of their extremism is exposed. It betrays common sense when the elite of Academia, the Media and Government refuse to accept the “reality” that the stated goal of Islam for its entire history is the subjugation of all non-Islamic civilization and the destruction of Christianity, Judaism and all other world faiths, to be ruled by an Islamic Theocracy. The operative word here is ‘subjugation’ not peaceful conversion, which is indicative of force not the passive proselytizing of other world religions.
        We have made what some would call radical or extreme accusations here but this is not the worst. That you must find our for yourself if you have the courage and intellectual honesty to face the truth. Islam is a dangerous and deceptive cult that derives it power from an evil and perverted interpretation of religion. It becomes immediately clear and understandable when you learn that Islam teaches the God of Islam is not the God of Christianity. Any Muslim cleric will deny this to the infidel but preach it as gospel to his followers. The only way to put a stop to the spread of this viral cult is for the truth to reach the light of day, in spite of the fact that it will ostracize the American Muslim community and create great difficulties. The secular world wants to ignore this coming ‘spiritual’ confrontation but this is the great tribulation that the Bible speaks of and you cannot run away from it.

    3. OK, I really, really want to do something-but what would be the best thing to do, I am “middle class”, not a football supporter, former Labour supporter. All I know is that we must stop any further (cancerous – I hesitate to use the word, but it is pretty accurate) growth of the Muslim population and influence in the UK. We need to get started, like right now! But where, how, in what way???

    4. Lidya said

      You will see if moslems become majority, even it’s in democratic country.

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