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    11th September Harrow demo approved

    Posted by sioeengland on September 6, 2009




    Please give a couple of hours for England. The date cannot be changed, September 11th is for always. Next year it will be a Saturday. Please attend this demonstration, bring a couple of friends, colleagues or acquaintances so that they can learn about Islamisation.

    If you definitely cannot attend then persuade someone you know to do so, especially if they live in London.


    STOP ISLAMISATION demonstration outside of Harrow central mosque on Friday 11th September at 17.00.


    1. As with previous SIOE demonstrations, political parties are banned.

    2. Any racist chanting, banners and placards will result in immediate ejection of the perpetrators from the demo.

    3. Totalitarian symbols such as nazi swastikas, communist hammer and sickles, Islamic star and crescent, UNLESS CLEARLY CROSSED OUT OR DEFACED WITH A STOP SIGN.


    1. Approved anti-sharia and anti-Islamisation chants, banners and placards will be permitted.

    2. English, Welsh, Scottish, N. Irish, national flags, European national flags, certain other national flags will be permitted and encouraged.

    3. Certain other flags representing communities struggling against Islamic colonisation such as Papua New Guinea and Biafra will be permitted.

    4. Certain civil rights flags, banners and placards will be encouraged provided they are displayed within the no-sharia context of the demonstration.


    Speakers using hand held megaphones will address the gathering. Names of speakers will be provided to the police prior to the demonstration. Speeches must be approved by the organisers.

    Approved groups such as the English Defence League, British Citizens Against Muslim Extremists, March for England, For a Democratic and Secular Iran, will join the demonstration and the police will be notified as to which groups will attend as soon as such participation has been confirmed.

    Stewards will be provided. Banners, placards and speeches will be shown to the police prior to the protest starting if requested.

    Demonstration finishes 19.00 11th September 2009


    6 Responses to “11th September Harrow demo approved”

    1. Jayce_Kay said

      Of course a peaceful demonstration against the widely documented inhumanities that this vulgar and repugnant ideology is to be welcomed, but is really necessary for a Public protest to be subject to so many authoritarian decrees?

      Whilst I have participated in a quite a few Public demonstrations, I’ve yet to actually organise one, but I would have thought that a civil, creative and united front would be more encouraging would be with minimal authority and hindrances to freedom of speech, which, essentially this is all about, isn’t it?

      I would go for something along the lines of this.

      1) Please consider peaceful support of our cause by attending this event. If you cannot attend this event, consider telling someone that might be able to.

      2) If choose to attend, you agree to be responsible for your own actions. Intimidation, hate crimes, violence and criminal damage will not be tolerated by us or the Police.

      Easy and simple enough?

    2. Moss said

      Everything you need to know about Islam at The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index

    3. xman said

      why u them to come to r country ??? why ??? STAND UP FOR R COUNTRY AND FIGHT !!!! birmingham , london .. which city next … NO 4 mUSLIMS !!!!

    4. James Ryan said

      By all means demonstrate,but have women and children at the demonstration to show the muslims that EVERYONE is against them and you will get greater protection from the police and better media coverage.

    5. A European said

      Muslims – Telling it like it is!
      You Muslim ‘Devil’ worshippers have anything against Europe? Get down to
      Gatwick and get yourselves over to the battle fields of Afghanistan. Let’s see
      what you’ve got in you instead of hiding in your ghettos, dirty arses in the air in
      your pig sties, (mosques), worshipping your dirty mentally disturbed pedophile Muhammed, (filth be upon him). The reason of a lack of Western public outrage is because of press censorship and by Laws enacted by this Liberal Government forcing the indigenous population into silence. We can’t speak in public as it’s now against the Law, but look at this blog, read it, feel the anger we ethnic Europeans have of your backward filthy Muslim culture, your murderous Laws and your primitive, barbaric ways.

      Black or white, big and small, fat or thin, Jewish or Christian we’re all in it together,
      but you non assimilating Muslim aliens are not liked or wanted in Europe and despite
      what the Left wing media and Government say, the vast majority of us say, NO to your
      filthy ‘Religion’. Look at yourselves: you live in the West, you wear Western clothes,
      you listen to Western music, you wear Western made trainers on your feet – without
      Western technology and basic Western Education you wouldn’t even be reading this
      on your Western made and purchased Computer!

      Basically you are cowards; supporting killers of innocent people and mass murderers;
      backward people from backward Countries who are promised virgins in heaven if they
      murder children! When your backward Countries meet the Armies of the West, your
      Armies and your heathen ‘Religion’ crumbles, EVERY time without exception. It’s simply
      because we’re a superior society which you Muslims, with your pyjamas, dirty matted
      beards, bags over your women’s heads, living in filth and ignorance fail to understand.

      Brave little Israel is just about to give Iran a beating, as well as already having sorted
      out Beirut and Palestine. Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan have already been ‘beaten’ into
      the 20th Century by Western Armies. Bit by bit, U.S and European Armies are ridding the
      World of this filthy Islamic disease, which has spread like a cancer and now threatens
      Europe. Muslims, go back to your dirty backward Countries and take your primitive beliefs
      with you. It’s because you worship the Devil and his pedophile so called ‘Prophet’ that your ethnic Muslim Countries are dirty starving Waste Lands, scrounging like parasites off the
      rest of humanity.

      No more Western economic aid for Islamic Countries, no more Western financial aid,
      no ‘Live Aid’, ‘Feed the World’, ‘Save the World’; no dole, council benefits or any other
      kinds of hand outs here. Your Islamic Devil Worship makes the rest of humanities
      flesh crawl!

    6. Jack said

      Perhaps you should include this video and videos like it to back your case up. A lot of news is NOT being broadcast for FEAR of encouraging racism or upset. Well, Brits are gonna be pretty upset when they find their country has been turned Muslim behind their backs with no opportunity for the British people to vote or have their say on it.

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