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    Archive for July, 2008

    The extraordinary rendition of Radovan Karadzic

    Posted by sioeengland on July 30, 2008

    Radovan Karadzic was flown out of Serbia to the Netherlands today.

    He faces trial at the International Court of the Hague.

    If any body really believes Karadic will receive a fair trial in the Hague then they cannot have watched any of the reports in the Western mainstream media which have all but condemned him as guilty.

    One thing that will not be allowed in Karadzic’s defence is the background to the events that caused the unravelling of Yugoslavia and resulting civil war.

    Those supporting the European Union suggest that it has maintained peace in Europe for the past 50 years. The truth is the EU’s unilateral recognition of first Slovenia’s, then Croatia’s independence from Yugoslavia caused the civil war – right on the EU’s doorstep.

    Meanwhile ethnic cleansing of Serbs is underway in Kosovo. The reward for muslims carrying out this illegal ethnic cleansing? Independence for Kosovo recognised by the EU, the UN and the USA.

    The history of muslim oppression of Serbs during the Ottoman empire and the fear of the return of such persecution will not be allowed in Karadzic’s defence. The current persecution of Serbs in Kosovo as justification for that fear will not be allowed as evidence.

    The existence of Bosnian muslim concentration camps in which Serb prisoners were treated worse than muslim prisoners under Serb control will not be allowed as evidence for the defence.

    The beheadings of Serb prisoners by muslims in Bosnia will not be allowed as evidence for Karadzic’s defence.

    The EU, UN and USA sanction ethnic cleansing provided it is muslims doing the ethnic cleansing.

    It will not be the rule of law presiding over the court that finds Karadzic guilty.

    It will be the rule of hypocrisy.


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    Baby Polar Bears and Animal Behaviour

    Posted by sioeengland on July 26, 2008

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    CBN News report on Britain

    Posted by sioeengland on July 25, 2008

    Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?
    By Dale Hurd
    CBN News Senior Reporter
    July 24, 2008

    Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

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    Challenge Channel4

    Posted by sioeengland on July 22, 2008

    Peter Oborne has made some decent documentaries in the past and written some good articles in the mainstream press. However, when it comes to muslims in England he is merely a useful idiot or an outright dhimmi. I say England because Oborne didn’t report from other parts of the UK. Presumably, muslims are treated differently in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Check out the links below to his Channel 4 “Dispatches” documentary “It shouldn’t happen to a muslim”.

    Typically Oborne equates the present and understandable attitude towards muslims in England to anti-Jewish sentiments exhibited around a hundred years ago. Headlines from a 1911 newspaper concerning Jewish immigration were mentioned. Oborne described it along the lines of “massive Jewish immigration”. In the final part Oborne speaks of “the 2 million British muslims”.

    For your information 2 million represents about 1/7th of the whole Jewish population OF THE WORLD! Yes folks the total Jewish population of the world numbers about 14 million.

    Yet Oborne seeks to equate the relative handful of Jews in Britain with the 2 million muslims overtly seeking to change our society.

    ACTION REQUIRED: Please watch the videos, if you were not able to watch the programme on Channel4.

    Then write to Channel4. I would suggest you write asking for “Islam: What the West needs to know” to be screened on Channel4. Also, ask Channel4 and the makers of “Dispatches” to make a programme with ex-muslims explaining why they left islam and how islamism is blighting the lives of non-muslims across the world.

    Contacts: here and webform

    Perhaps if you are a non-muslim such as a Copt or Armenian who has fled persecution in an islamic country, you might like to request a programme be made about muslim oppression of your people.

    If you are suffering persecution in England or elsewhere in the UK at the hands of muslims then please ask Channel4 to make a documentary about muslim oppression of the kuffar in your community.

    In any case, please write to Channel4 and ask for some balance.

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    From SIOE Sweden

    Posted by sioeengland on July 17, 2008

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    New road signs for Gellerupparken?

    Posted by sioeengland on July 17, 2008

    Via SIAD

    Is this what we are to expect for Denmark? Perhaps with the dhimmis in charge who seem more concerned with innocent, peaceful Greenlanders “causing offence” to stone throwing muslims, the image below is more than likely to be the reality in store for Denmark

    The signs say “Muslims only” for Gellerupparken and “Greenlanders this way” pointing away from the town


    Afterall this is an example of a roadsign pointing the way to Mecca in Saudi Arabia!


    It wasn’t that long ago that Saudi Arabia sent a delegation to Denmark to complain about the infringement of human rights of muslims. A sick joke if ever there was one!


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    A nameless group is up and showing support for Greenlanders

    Posted by sioeengland on July 17, 2008

    Via SIAD

    A nameless resistance group has taken responsibility for the action. There were banners hung up along the motorway in Denmark saying “stop Islamic racism” and “stop Islamic racism, long live Greenland.” Mohammed has also been hanged on lamposts around the country with signs hung around his neck with inscriptions like “pedophile highwayman.” 

    The editors received these images with the wording:

    “Here are the first pictures from our action on Zealand. We send the other images from Funen and Jutland and the rest of Zealand in the next few days. Our action will continue until the Islamic Religious Affairs controls the racists in Gellerup, allows Greenlanders to come back, treats them properly and gives each of them a personal apology. We will continue to hang muhammed until this happens. “

    The secret resistance group’s revenge!


    Groups in Denmark set up signs along the national highways, both on Zealand, Jutland and Fyn, which says “Stop the Islamic racism, long live Greenland.” As revenge for the ethnic cleansing of Greenlanders in Gellerup-park at Aarhus, they hung dolls resembling muhammed in lamposts, with signs with different messages, one of them reads “muhammed hanged for paedophilia,” – writes the group anonymously to SIAD. 

    SIAD will ask its readers to report if they have seen such events, or if they have taken pictures of it, possibly send pictures to SIAD.

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    Posted by sioeengland on July 17, 2008

     Via SIAD
     Many Greenland families have been harassed out of the Gellerup-park near Aarhus. They have been verbally abused, threatened and spat on, they have been forced to give up celebrating their national day, and have had to abandon their Sunday football. One of them was even killed with a screwdriver. This is one of the worst cases of racism in Denmark, since the Nazi occupation.

    However, no one has responded. Where is the press outcry? Had it been Muslims, the media would have placed it on the front page and on prime-time news broadcasting every day for a whole month.
    Where are the politicians? Where are the politicians? The SF-Unit and the Radicals have ignored it, and where are the anti-racists DEMOS and ANTIFA, they are in fact not anti-racist, but Muslim collaborators – it would seem.
    There is silence across the board. Why?



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    Islamists in Gellerup-park outside Aarhus believe that the area is their property!

    Posted by sioeengland on July 17, 2008

    Via SIAD

    Islamists in Gellerup-park outside Aarhus believe that the area is their property!

    They have been terrorising all other citizens because they are not Muslims – IS THIS NOT RACISM?  Now they have managed to dispel many of Greenland families from the area, even with the help of Aarhus municipality, which must now have a really bad taste in the mouth.

    Aarhus municipality moved the Greenland families instead of asking the police to arrest and deport Islamists!  The police have also helped the Islamists because complaints from Greenlanders were ignored, and police failed to take any action before it finally came out in the media.

    Another example of how Denmark helps and protects criminals, but ignores the victims of their crimes – it is a very sad trend justified under the guise of human rights and naive softness. A striking example of how we do not learn from history.

    Our government and the Danish Parliament behave like the coalition during the war, but the effect is the same.  We help and cooperate with society-destroying forces and sell Denmark to foreigners, which is only bad for Danes. I YEARN FOR HOLGER DANSK AGAIN!  His spirit at least exists in the form of the association SIAD (stop islamiseringen of Denmark), which has many and an increasing number of supporters, so we can get re-establish our lost democracy and freedom to be different, and to live in our own country.

    It should be clear to everyone that Islam is a racist religion which does not tolerate dissidents and other religions, and is fighting democracy in every way. Islam is working through fear and terror, just like their NAZI allies. Yes, it is not so well-known to many people, but the Middle Eastern Islamists, especially those in Palestine, had a very close collaboration with Hitler and Nazi Germany both before and during World War Two.

    They mutually benefited each other, both in terms of elimination of the Jewish people, but the Islamists also helped Hitler to keep England employed in Palestine and North Africa by means of riots and demonstrations in those areas.  Hitler that he could govern in Europe as it suited ham. He was even considered to be the 12th Imam as he sent money and weapons to the great mufti in Jerusalem to help expel the Jews from the area – When Germany wanted it, the jewish immigration to Palestine was opened again.

    Another version of “the final solution”. All this information can be found in a recently published book written by two researchers Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Martin Cüppers and released on the Information Society Publishers. I will report it in full. It is not encouraging reading! We can more or less say that war is not over yet and it is not an ordinary war, but something even more dangerous – an invisible army of hidden weapons with a shield of women, children and a gross exploitation of our democratic society .

     Islamists in Gellerup-park and in the rest of Denmark should be treated as law breakers and should all be sent back to their respective countries – I am sure they will be received as heroes! As for their autonomous activity that should be punished according to Danish law, they are just as societal-saboteurs and informants as during the war.

    Now Danish people must wake up and act by boycotting and reversing all Islamic influence. If Muslims want to live in Denmark, they must comply and to become integrated in the Danish society.

    G. Jørgensen

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