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    Action against Pakistani embassies

    Posted by sioeengland on June 4, 2008

    The world has by now heard and read about the bombing of the Danish embassy in Pakistan “in retaliation to Danish newspapers publishing the Mohammed cartoons”.

    Well its time to act against these blatant acts of aggression.

    SIOE urges all it supporters to either select an existing Motoon (not “Copyright” Kurt Westergaard’s though because he may sue) or better still draw one of your own.

    Then send it to as many Pakistani embassies and consulates as you can afford stamps for.

    Do this anonymously – obviously – and do not send any accompanying message. Just a Motoon.

    Here is a list of Pakistani embassies and consulates.

    Send them to media outlets too especially Pakistani newspapers and broadcasting organisations.

    The more bombs they blast off – the more Motoons they will see.

    Send SIOE a copy of your Motoon and we will award a prize of a T-Shirt at 12.00 noon each Friday bearing a print of the one we consider the best for that week.

    We will put the winner on SIOE sites

    Winners will remain anonymous. All original entries will be deemed to be free of copyright and able to be freely used by anyone.


    6 Responses to “Action against Pakistani embassies”

    1. PM said

      what Ironic is the response of ‘liberal Pro-western’ Islamic government of pakistan

      rather then condemning the Jihadi-terrorist, they had given excuse by confirming that Danish cartoons are the reason, why the bomb blast occured…;_ylt=AhEnNFZ01h88rkw9CaABXtrzPukA

      though the victim hardly had anything to do with ‘Dhimi cartoonist.. Kurt Westergaard’, and had only one thing in common.. that both were Danes….. so isn’t all Muslim has one thing in common…. that all are Muslims!!

      My Question goes to the governments, is such a voice be acceptable ? if yes, then will they accept if any someone kick any Muslim raising his ass while facing Mecca ? … anyways, at least the reason do qualify fully, and we are also enraged by the way Muslim treat non-muslims…

      if a random danish citizen is guilty of being danish.. then a random Muslim is guilty of being Muslim…

      in short, Islam and Islamic countries are disgust on name of Humanity… or better say, they always were…. had they ever accepted international human rights ? … but a rather bigger guilt goes to our politicians too.. who buy that crap, and allow the basic definition of Human dignity to get perverted !!!

    2. […] SIOE England has an idea for a response to the bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad: make more Motoons and deliver them to the Pakistanis: […]

    3. Hendrik Nijmegen said

      My suggestion: Gregorius Nekschot made a couple of cartoons depicting Mohammad and Aisha. I have a good mind to send it to embassies of countries like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. They should know that we know about the tenets of their “religion”.

    4. […] site internet SIOE (Stop Islamization of Europe) propose, d’envoyer en marque de protestation, une caricature […]

    5. These slaves of the Arab Masters should be sent back from the freedom
      loving countries of the world. Please go to
      for hundreds of Islamic cartoons.
      Spread these around the world.

    6. James said

      send this to every1 u kno!

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