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    Archive for April, 2008

    England freedom petition

    Posted by sioeengland on April 29, 2008

    The only way we are going to get a grip on matters is for England to go independent and have its own parliament to focus on England.

    Please sign the petition

     England-freedom petition


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    SIOE Demonstration in Copenhagen

    Posted by sioeengland on April 20, 2008

    SIOE demonstration in Copenhagen

    May 31st on Axeltorv at 13:00.00-15.00


    Future Denmark….


     Like this……………………………..or like this???


    The demonstration’s themes:

    No Islamic veils in our Danish Parliament and courtrooms!

    The veil represents misogyny and stands for patriarchally jealous and totalitarian Islamic male societies. The Koran sura 33.59: “O Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters and the believing women to draw their veils close to them, so it is likelier they will be known [as clean], and not hurt.”

    No Islamic sharia law in Denmark


    Slogans: –

    – Stop new fascism (the new fascists are the ones that practise self-censorship and will stop other peoples freedom of speech and freedom to talk, draw and paint whatever one wishes.) –

    – No sharia banking here

    – Forbid halal-killing here

    – No women’s discrimination here

    – No racism here

    – No discrimination of homosexuals here

    – No discrimination of other religions here

    – We’ll have our freedom back

    Temporary list of speakers:

     Stephen Gash, SIOE England

     Eirik Devold, SIOE Norway

     Anders Gravers, SIOE Denmark

     You can still register to speak if you wish until May 16th



    National flags, banners and signs etc. with the demonstration’s slogans.


    All totalitarian or racist signs, symbols, banners and signs

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    Posted by sioeengland on April 5, 2008

    SIOE International reserves the rights to the name “Stop Islamisation of Europe – SIOE”

    Things move very quickly on the anti-Islamisation front and each country has its own unique problems with Islamisation.

    Recognising this, the SIOE board has decided that from now on each European country will act autonomously with no interference from SIOE International.

    Each country will manage its own financial affairs and its own membership.

    SIOE International will be an information centre and will, when asked, assume an advisory role with respect to organising events.

    In this way SIOE will act as a hub for a network of ACTION groups and organisations

    SIOE will recognise all ACTION groups that wish to join the network PROVIDED THEY ABIDE BY SIOE’S RULES!

    These rules include denouncing racism and totalitarianism in the form of Nazism, communism, fascism and especially Islamism.

    The SIOE International site will carry links to Stop Islamisation organisations that agree to these rules.

    The only political parties SIOE recognises are those with the name Stop Islamisation Of “name of the country” such as Stop Islameringen Af Danmark (SIAD)

    Other parties with a Stop Islamisation policy are encouraged to join Cities Against Islamisation – or better still form their own organisations with parties of similar ideoligies to campaign against the islamisation of Europe.

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    Does Birmingham deserve a visit from SIOE?

    Posted by sioeengland on April 1, 2008

    I reckon so

    Thugs attack Birmingham army cadets

    AN army cadet instructor in Birmingham claims his young charges are being targeted by stone-throwing thugs who are angry at the uniform they wear.

    Sgt Billy Mazella of the Army Cadet Force, based in Washwood Heath, claimed they were having to put up with systematic abuse by gangs of local youths, who seemed to target the cadets because of events in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The incidents of stone-throwing, vandalism and verbal abuse have escalated during recent months following the removal of a CCTV camera near their hut in Washwood Heath Road.

    They mirror events in Peterborough where personnel from RAF Wittering have been ordered not to wear their uniform in public following months of verbal attacks, believed to be linked to current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Sgt Mazella, aged 20, who became a cadet eight years ago, said potential recruits were being put off because the thugs targeted open day events attended by the would-be ‘squaddies’ and their parents.

    He said: “The cadets and myself regularly get bricks, stones and even fireworks thrown at us as missiles.

    “Our vehicles have been damaged and also our parade grounds at times.

    “For around six months there was a camera on a lamppost outside the detachment facing towards a block of flats which are always the source of the trouble. But, since the camera has been removed the trouble has progressed and is now really bad.”

    The instructor, one of three with the Washwood Heath detachment, said the offenders appeared to be Asian who are aged as young as ten.

    “We feel we are being harassed and attacked because we wear British Army uniform.

    “Often the youths throw oral abuse at us and nearly all the time they refer to the army and that we are killing their brothers and their families overseas.

    “We phone the local police almost every time this happens, yet nothing is done about it. We had one Asian cadet but they got to him and he left.”

    Sgt Mazella said they recruited youngsters aged 12-18 so they could get good extra skills and qualifications and help them to stay out of trouble. They parade every Sunday and Wednesday.

    A spokesman for West Midlands Police said they were investigating an incident on February 10 following reports of stones being thrown at the Army Cadet hut and cars.

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    Posted by sioeengland on April 1, 2008



    Boycott these islamic countries.

    Please do not buy goods, services or products from these countries nor take a vacation in any of them.

    Please print out the list and use it when shopping to compare with the country of manufacture of the item.

    Afghanistan Guinea Bissau Oman
    Albania Indonesia Pakistan
    Algeria Iran Palestine
    Azerbaijan Iraq Qatar
    Bahrain Jordan Saudi Arabia
    Bangladesh Kazakhstan Senegal
    Benin Kosovo Sierra Leone
    Brunei Darussalam Kuwait Somalia
    Burkina Faso Kyrgyzstan Sudan
    Cameroon Lebanon Syrian_AR
    Chad Libya Tajikistan
    Comoros Malaysia Tunisia
    Djibouti Maldives Turkey
    Egypt Mali Turkmenistan
    Gabon Mauritania United Arab Emirates
    Gambia Morocco Uzbekistan
    Guinea Niger Yemen



    Arla – dairy produce

    Radisson Hotels

    Kentucky Fried Chicken

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