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    Posted by sioeengland on March 11, 2008

    The SIOE demonstration on 15th March at 13.00 on Kennedy Plads is the first one where Kurt Westergaard’s, now famous, Mohammed cartoon will be used as the central theme and openly displayed. 

    The demonstration is to defend free speech and to protest against the necessity for Kurt Westergaard to be under constant protection due to threats made against him by Islamists (in other words Muslims).

    Kurt Westergaard contacted SIOE co-founder Anders Gravers saying that he was concerned that his Mohammed cartoon was to be used for political reasons.

    Anders made clear to Mr Westergaard that SIOE wishes only to stop the Islamisation of Europe and has no other political ambitions.

    Anders also politely told Mr Westergaard that SIOE could not answer his concerns because since the day Muslims all over the world burnt the Danish flag and also burnt Danish embassies, the Mohammed cartoons have effectively become public property.

    Also, Danes and other European people are fed up with being told what not to do because it might offend Muslims.  Being told to modify one’s, otherwise harmless, behaviour because it might offend Muslims is in itself offensive.

    Danes and other Europeans are constantly reminded that if they do not like the content of a movie they need not go to the cinema. If they do not like a TV programme then they can change channels or turn off the TV.

    However, this principle of good conduct does not apply to Muslims living in Europe.  It is everyone else who must change their way of life because Muslims might kill elected politicians, film-makers or a 72 year-old cartoonist who is known for his wit and gentleness – something no Jihadist or Islamist is.

    Enough is enough!  Danes will no longer cower before threats of violence, nor see their flag and embassies burned with impunity.

    Nor will Danes and Europeans suffer the indignities heaped upon us by our feeble politicians who constantly side with the Muslim point of view.

    The freedoms and democracy we still have left in Europe are very precious and must be guarded fiercely.  Ordinary people have woken up to the threat waged against them by not only Islamists, but also our own politicians.

    We are not Muslims.  We will never be Muslims.  We are free and will never submit.

    We will not tolerate death threats against European citizens made by Muslims either from outside or inside Europe.

    The only reason these death threats are taken seriously is because there are Muslims willing to carry them out and the Muslim communities do nothing to stop them.

    This is a blight on our society – and an alien one at that.


    2 Responses to “PRESS RELEASE”

    1. LeeSouthend said

      Wheres Kennedy Plads? So I can get there.

    2. sioenederland said

      @LeeSouthend: Next friday there’s a demonstration at Store Torv in Hobro, Denmark, 1500 – 1600 hrs.
      And next saturday there’s a demonstration at Kennedy Plads in Aalborg, Denmark, 1300 hrs.

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