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    Muslims and AFA in a new alliance to destabilise the Danish society

    Posted by sioeengland on February 17, 2008

    The riots in the last week with malicious damage to property, burning of cars and buildings and violence in Danish towns and cities were committed by muslims.

    At first the excuse was that they found the Danish police racist in their behaviour towards the criminal muslims in certain areas in Copenhagen, especially Nørrebro. A great deal of the hasish trade takes place there.

    Later the excuses for the riots were the reprinting of the muhammed cartoons. A reprint that in all its innocence was just a statement of support for one of the cartoonists Kurt Westergaard, because of the threats of his murder planned by muslims.

    But even though those insane jihadists try to convince us that the riots are the Danes’ own fault, koran- and Sharia-knowledgeable Danes are well aware that the riots are a clear manifestation of islamic jihad. Jihad is not only a personal matter for the single muslim, which persistent imams try to make the Danes believe. Jihad is a clear demand of also physical action to agitate an islamic takeover. Street gang riots, burnings and violence against the host country’s police and fire brigades, are some of the methods.
    This has been seen many times through history and is a daily occurrence in every part of the world where islam gains a foothold. Jihad is not only a suggestion from the phrophet muhammed. It’s a demand from him, that if you want to have a chance of meeting allah you have to show that you are ready to die for the cause of islam.

    The autonomous’ army, also called AFA, has for a long time been hostile towards all things Danish and those Danes who like Denmark in general.  Are you a cop and doing your job in the criminal areas you are by definition a racist cop, in their terms. All in all, everybody who votes to the right from Enhedslisten, which is the far left party in the parliament are racists or even nazis in their view.

    AFA was also joined the youth-house riots last year in Copenhagen. Here they used the same tactics as muslims use now, burning, damaging cars and property, stone and bottle throwing against police and firemen etc.

    Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the two undemocratic, totalitarian and misanthropic groups with their common hostility towards Denmark now have found each other in a common front against the Danish society.

    Their slogans say that they need to fight against Denmark’s inherent racism, and one can do it by attacking the racist cops with stones and bottles. But deep down, all the wrecking is not a tool to get attention or to achieve anything specific.

    No, like the fundamentalist muslims their purpose is to destabilise the society they hate so much. It’s the wish for the most profound devastation and destruction of what generations have built up over time. When total chaos and anarchy is achieved then the autonomous are satisfied.

    The jihadists on the other hand will only be satisfied when the islamic state is a reality, but the autonomous caught up in their blind hate towards all things Danish cannot grasp this fact at all. They are just useful idiots for the muslims in their holy war.


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