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    Lionheart seeks asylum in the USA

    Posted by sioeengland on February 17, 2008

    As reported in the Luton/Dunstable on Sunday


    The socialist/islamist suppressers of freedom are now causing English people to seek asylum from their own government (a government incidentally English people never even elected into power) for doing what is every Englishman’s right – speaking his mind.

    Web logger seeks asylum in States

    A controversial ‘web logger’ from Dunstable is seeking asylum in America because he faces arrest in the UK for stirring up racial hatred.

    Paul Ray, who regularly writes an online diary as ‘Lionheart’, was due to attend Bedford’s Greyfriars Police Station on February 18 as part of Bedfordshire Police’s investigation into his blog.

    However, he has decided to apply for political asylum in America because he risks charges which carry a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

    His blog includes his opinions on the heroin trade, Islamic fundamentalism and police corruption.

    Mr Ray, 31, speaking to told Luton on Sunday on the phone from South Carolina, said : “I was going to meet Bedfordshire Police on Monday. But I don’t want to come back to England and get arrested.

    “I had death threats in Dunstable and I wrote everything down.

    “I did it because if anything happened to me then I wouldn’t just be another statistic.

    “I have just written my thoughts down while I have been on the run.

    “I am applying for political asylum on the grounds of political persecution and human rights issues.

    “All I’ve done is written words on a blog. That doesn’t befit a prison sentence.”

    Mr Ray, who used to have a flat in Great Northern Road and a computer shop on Albion Street, claims he has received death threats.

    He admits his reactions to this in his blog may be considered ‘over the top’ but maintains he has a right to write his beliefs.

    He has been in South Carolina dodging arrest after receiving an email from Bedfordshire Police’s DC Ian Holden on January 3.

    The email said: ‘The offence that I need to arrest you for is ‘Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material’ contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.

    “You will be arrested on SUSPICION of the offence. You would only be charged following a full investigation based on all the relevant facts and CPS consent.”

    Mr Ray added that he will return to Britain unless Bedfordshire Police confirm they are going to cease their investigation.

    A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: “We contacted him to say that when he returns to this country we would like to see him.

    “We have got a complaint about his blog. That is the whole point of this exercise.

    “We have spoken to him like we would with any other crime.”


    2 Responses to “Lionheart seeks asylum in the USA”

    1. Roberto (UK) said

      Who on earth would have believed that UK citizen’s would be seeking asylum but here we have it, Muslims now calling the shots in Luton and the Bedfordshire Constabulary jumping to their tune!

      They turn a blind eye to the exploits of Muslims in Luton and then try to silence the messenger – disgraceful!

      • An Englishman said

        Muslims – Telling it like it is!
        You Muslim ‘Devil’ worshippers have anything against Europe? Get down to Gatwick and get yourselves over to the battle fields of Afghanistan. Let’s see what you’ve got in you instead of hiding in your ghettos, dirty arses in the air in
        your pig sties, (mosques), worshipping your dirty pedophile Muhammed, (filth be upon him). The reason of a lack of Western public outrage is because of press censorship and by Laws enacted by this Liberal Government forcing the indigenous population into silence. We can’t speak in public as it’s now against the Law, but look at this blog, read it, feel the anger we ethnic Europeans have of your backward
        filthy Muslim culture, your murderous Laws and your primitive, barbaric ways.

        Black or white, big and small, fat or thin, Jewish or Christian we’re all in it together, but you non assimilating Muslim aliens are not liked or wanted in Europe and despite
        what the Left wing media and Government say, the vast majority of us say, NO to your filthy ‘Religion’. Look at yourselves: you live in the West, you wear Western clothes,
        you listen to Western music, you wear Western made trainers on your feet – without Western technology and basic Western Education you wouldn’t even be reading this on your Western made and purchased Computer!

        Basically you are cowards; supporting killers of innocent people and mass murderers; backward people from backward Countries who are promised virgins in heaven if they
        murder children! When your backward Countries meet the Armies of the West, your Armies and your heathen ‘Religion’ crumbles, EVERY time without exception. It’s simply
        because we’re a superior society which you Muslims, with your pyjamas, dirty matted beards, bags over your women’s heads, living in filth and ignorance fail to understand.

        Brave little Israel is just about to give Iran a beating, as well as already having sorted out Beirut and Palestine. Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan have already been ‘beaten’ into
        the 20th Century by Western Armies. Bit by bit, U.S and European Armies are ridding the World of this filthy Islamic disease, which has spread like a cancer and now threatens
        Europe. Muslims, go back to your dirty backward Countries and take your primitive beliefs with you. It’s because you worship the Devil and his pedophile so called ‘Prophet’ that your ethnic Muslim Countries are dirty starving Waste Lands, scrounging like parasites off the rest of humanity.

        No more Western economic aid for Islamic Countries, no more Western financial aid, no ‘Live Aid’, ‘Feed the World’, ‘Save the World’; no dole, council benefits or any other kinds of hand outs here. Your Islamic Devil Worship makes the rest of humanities flesh crawl!

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