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    The eloquence of Islamic justice

    Posted by sioeengland on February 11, 2008

    We have heard the eloquence of Pat Condell explaining how terrorism and violence carried out in the name of islam is indeed islamic. Well here is a perfect example of the eloquence of islamic law. The blurb accompanying this filth says it happened in Northern Iraq, and I am not exactly sure that the young female victim “not wearing a turban” is the correct reason for her being “lynched” as the poster describes it.

    I believe the attack is what is described as an “honour killing” because she had the audacity to choose with whom to have a relationship. Whatever it is described as, it shows grown men (I use the word “men” loosely) viciously beating, kicking and battering their defenceless victim, with what looks like a breeze block.

    Now this is indeed Islamic Justice because the now hateful words “Allah u ackbar” can be heard, as is ALWAYS the case when muslims kill.

    Our EU politicians are seeking to import as many “people” of this ilk as possible into our continent. WE DON’T WANT THEM!

    And if you don’t think this is happening in England now it is  no matter how much the muslim council of Britain says it is not widespread 

    Now SIOE gets alot of criticism because of our difficulty with the concept of moderate muslims.  It is not for SIOE to stop what happens in islamic countries, but SIOE will do all it can to stop this kind of primitive behaviour happening ever again in Europe. SIOE holds our politicians to account and we insist that Turkey does not enter the EU and we demand a review of immigration from countries where this deplorable medieval activity is still carried out.


    WARNING! This is extremely graphic and the actions shown have no place in what passes for a mature democracy which the EU claims to be.


    5 Responses to “The eloquence of Islamic justice”

    1. jpmante said

      Unfortunately this kind of sick brutality is inherent to islam as a religio-ideology whether it manifests itself in muslim-countries or in Europe. Islam is by no means any different from nazism in it’s evil nature.

      “…Now this is indeed Islamic Justice because the now hateful words “Allah u ackbar” can be heard, as is ALWAYS the case when muslims kill…” this is so very true it is the battlecry of insane murderes. Insane as they have became poisoned with the sicknes of the warlord’s mind. Mr. Geert Wilders spoke off Mein Kampf & Mein Koran and he was right as both books contain the poison of deeply mentally disturbed tyrants.

      Whenever I hear “Allah u ackbar” shouted by crazed followers of the monster named Mohammad it feels like hearing Sieg Heil as both contain the same inherent evil.

      Personally I have two objectives one is to drive this insanity out of Europe and second to liberate the muslims, as human beings, from the mental chains in which their minds are trapped by the teachings/indoctrination from a deeply evil man who can only can be dscribed as the false prophet of the holy scriptures.

      Rowan Williams should realize this fact and understand that he is serving the false prophet by bowing to the demands of the followers of the one marked 666.

      SIOE thank you for your courage.

    2. ERS said

      A female exercising any kind of independence is too often a trigger for dishonor killings.

      Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
      “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

    3. PM said

      were they not ‘Moderate kurds’ suffering from every-side ?

    4. Wasp said

      Quite apart from the barbaric nature of Islam in practice, of which the examples are too many to count, the very fact that Islam is a theocratic system should be sufficient for everyone to realise, including politicians, that it is not possible for it to co-exist peacefully in democratic, liberal societies.

      There is no distinction between religion and politics in Islam and history has proved, time and again, that when a host nation allows an alien culture to grow exponentially in its midst, then eventually there will be a conflict for cultural domination. The host nation usually ends up fighting for its very survival and often loses that fight.

      Moslems are exploiting the very characteristics that define our societies, such as tolerance, generosity and liberalism in order to destroy them and replace them with their own.

    5. This horrid video — shot on a cellphone — is the murder of a sixteen year old Kurdish girl (in Northern Iraq) whose sin was dating someone from another sect.

      Her male family members instigated this, the men of the town joined in or videoed it on their mobile phones, and the police stood by and did nothing to prevent this savagery.

      You notice it was not dishonorable to pull her skirt off of her as they stoned her to death.

      I believe her name was Du’a.

      Karen Tintori
      Unto the Daughters: The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family

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