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    SIOE Nederland suspended by WordPress – then reinstated

    Posted by sioeengland on February 8, 2008

    Here is the complaint SIOE Nederland sent to WordPress. Furthermore, a lot of people flooded wordpress with mails of the injustice and it helped. WordPress realised their mistake and brought SIOE Nederland back on the scene. Well done SIOE Nederland! And a big thanks to all the supportive people!

      “Hi Toni,
      Let me begin with the fact that we really regret the fact that wordpress has taken our site down. We never expected wordpress would fall for a trap like the abuse report you received.
      SIOE Nederland is a peoplesmovement which is strongly against any form of rascism. We don’t have any ties with any polical party and we are against any totalitarian form of government. We are a movement that is fighthing the covered and uncovered islam expansion in the Netherlands. Our freedom of speech is at stake here so is our freedom of expression. Even the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh has been murdered and used as a pincushen with the approval of an imam. We are fighting within the boundries of Dutch Law.
      Our supporters, some of them you probably know by now, are very angry and disapointed because what you have done.
      There are some powers in Holland who don’t like the freedom of speech, these people are muslims, because we want to unmask them and reveal their hidden agenda and the leftwinged foundations. The mail you received with the so called complaint comes from an organization which has got nothing to do with politics.
      You as an American must know what the 1st amendment means to you. In Holland and in Europe we have the so called freedom of speech. But this freedom goes as far as the political incorrect wants it to go. The suspension of our site is a good example.There are no, never will be any rascists articles on our site. A big part of our supporters are coloured for crying out loud!SIOE Nederland is a movement that’s proud of our muliculturalism, we are proud that everybody can be who ever he or she wants to be. We are proud that everybody, Native Dutch, immigrants, homosexuals, you name it can live free in Holland. There is just one idiology, called islam, who beat up homosexuals, calling our women whores for not wearing a headscarf and who are chasing away the Jews from Amsterdam. We, the people will not accept this. Holland is radicalising very fast and politics is doing nothing about it. That’s why SIOE Nederland is founded. We are an organization by- and for the common people.

      You are misled by this complain. We regret the fact that you even didn’t bother to contact us to ask what we are about. You just shutted us down. You didn’t do any research regarding the content of our site. You just took the complaint for granted without knowing what’s really going on in Holland and the rest of Europe for that matter.
      Our articles contains no rascists remarks, we are strongly against rascism. We are for the freedom of speech and expression.

      Extreme sites like stormfront can do what ever they want. Forums marokko can easily say that the Dutch had it comming to them that our soldiers are comming home in bodybags, they celibrate everytime this happens, and nobody is doing a thing about it.

      SIOE Nederland favours a mulicultaral society, is against rascism and we are thrown of the server. Go figure.

      We strongly urge you to correct your mistake and put our site back online. We didn’t do anything wrong. Suddenly not regarding the 1st amendment.

      Best regards

      Martin and Monique
      Founders of SIOE Nederland”


    3 Responses to “SIOE Nederland suspended by WordPress – then reinstated”

    1. […] WordPress ha vuelto a reponer el blog de SIOE Holanda que había suspendido. Imagino que se trataba solo de darles un […]

    2. koofER said


    3. sioeengland said

      Well we will be looking at matters pretty soon. SIOE Nederland has changed now to a new site

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