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    We do not accept the concept of moderate muslims

    Posted by sioeengland on February 5, 2008

    Some people, especially those controlling our mainstream media (MSM), have difficulty in understanding SIOE’s statement “We do not accept the concept of moderate muslims”.

    SIOE believes that there are muslims and those who wish to leave islam, but are too afraid to do so because they may be killed, persecuted or at the very least ostracised by close members of their families.

    There is only one reason for SIOE’s statement – evidence

    Here is the evidence, broken down into just some examples.

    1.  Who controls the mosques? – Well muslims of course

    Over half the mosques in England are controlled by what the MSM describe as “extremist” or “radical” or “fundamentalist” muslims or islamist groups like the Deobandi. 

    Only muslims control the mosques. It is not incumbent upon SIOE or any non-muslim to go into mosques and control what is said.  SIOE has no inclination to go into mosques to monitor what imams, mullahs or any other muslim “scholars” preach – well not yet at least.

    We don’t accept the notion that the Deobandi is “extremist” or “radical” or “fundamentalist”.  We do accept that it represents islam in its truest form.

    We accept that muslims in England also consider the Deobandi to represent true islam which is why they support the Deobandi and similar groups preaching islam in their mosques.

    This is because muslims acknowledge what the Deobandi and similar groups preach is true islam.

    Similar “takeovers” have happened in mosques across Europe.

    Therefore, SIOE accepts and acknowledges that muslims in Europe wish such “takeovers” to happen because they are not “takeovers” at all, just Islamic teaching.

    The evidence is – muslims allow such organisations as well as individual muslim clerics with similar views to preach in their mosques. THEREFORE MUSLIMS WANT THIS!

    2.  Muslims elect Islamist/Islamic political parties 

    Turkey elected the Islamist Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan in 2003.  In 2007 his AKP party won an important victory over the opposition, garnering over 46% of the popular vote. These elections were only the second time in the Turkish Republic’s history whereby an incumbent governing party won an election by increasing its share of popular support. 46% is substantially more than most ruling political parties in the EU gain in votes. 

    Erdoğan is accepted even in the West as an Islamist and he infamously once said “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

    Erdoğan is attempting to abolish Turkish law which prohibits the wearing of religious headcovering and theo-politically symbolic garments for both genders in government buildings, schools, and universities and was prepared to dispense with the judiciary altogether by angrily declaring, “The court has no right to speak on this issue. That right belongs to the ulema (clerics)”, when this appeal was rejected. 

    His failed bid to criminalise adultery, and his attempts to introduce “alcohol-free zones” reveal his true islamist intentions.

    However, Erdoğan did speak the truth when saying The Term ‘Moderate Islam’ Is Ugly And Offensive; There Is No Moderate Islam; Islam Is Islam.”

    Turkish muslims voted for Erdoğan and his party. THEREFORE MUSLIMS WANT THIS!


    3. The NAZISLAM parties Hesbollah and Hamas were elected into power by Lebanese and Palestinian muslims respectively.

    The NAZISLAM party Hezbollah uses the Nazi salute and the NAZISLAM party Hamas uses the Nazi salute 

    The NAZISLAM party Hezbollah denies the holocaust and the NAZISLAM party Hamas denies the holocaust 

    Arabic translations of Mein Kampf are best sellers in Turkey, Lebanon and Palestinian territories. 

    And have become popular in the UK

    Lebanese and Palestinian muslims voted for these Nazislamic parties. 



    Typical of the double standards that that favour Islamism and we now have to live by in Europe, it is illegal in Austria and Germany to brandish the Nazi salute, sell Mein Kampf and to deny the Holocaust.  Indeed some Nazi symbols may be illegal in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and France.

    However, hundreds of millions of Euros have been used to fund people who elected the Nazislam parties Hezbollah and Hamas into power.

    Therefore, Europeans may be imprisoned for supporting Nazis, but are expected to fund, through their taxes, people who vote for Nazis.

    All German and Austrian ministers of state should be imprisoned for breaking their own anti-Nazi laws.



    4. Muslims want Sharia law

    In 2004 61% of muslims in Britain said they wanted Sharia law.  Following the 7/7/2005 London bombs this figure fell to 40%

    We believe that in both cases those muslims polled who said “no” were expressing taqiyya and kitman OR WISH TO LEAVE ISLAM.

    Taqiyya and kitman are problems for muslims to solve not for non-muslims.  Why should anybody believe people who have a culture of deceit?

    These are just a very few examples of why SIOE has difficulty in the concept of “moderate muslims,” but these alone are persuasive enough in our belief.



    2 Responses to “We do not accept the concept of moderate muslims”

    1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

      Chris Moran

    2. PM said

      A fight was always there between political sphere, that want to control individual freedom… and peoples who fought for individual freedom against those evil Ideologies…

      though the politics in itself is evil in core.. yet there were many images which cared for values of human values… Jesus, Mohammed, Rama, Krishna, Buddha … all these figure released figures from masses towards seeking Individual Freedom… but during the course of history, we also had political lobbies controlling religious institute strongly… doing totally against what those images had preached.. perverting very language of human dignity,,

      Then we have Great figures like Churchill, Roosevelt, or Veer Savarkar… who do political goals, yet they never risked human dignity on name of politics…. like Churchill was one of the great figures, who spoke of Human tragedy that can occur if indian subcontinent is divided. Veer Savarkar was a hindu nationalist, he worked for British war efforts to fight Nazis and told indians that we have to fight for our freedom, but 1st we need to fight for world freedom. or Roosevelt the great American President, that literally played the biggest role in ending imperialism.. and pushed the democratic values across world, so in future minimum human casualties occur, in case if any political conflict occurs.

      where whole races merged to make one human race, and where all religion merged to make one global religion of ‘Human dignity’, only one religion left is segregated… keeping itself as a distinct race… the ‘Islamic race’… So what’s the problem with Islam…

      Where other religions has a core… that pushes towards Individual Freedom… though political crispy layer around core divert peoples from basic teaching of humanity sometimes…. In case of Islam.. the core is a warlord who justified rape, pedophilism, murder, looting, mass-killing and sex slaves….. and against other religions, Islam( origin from arabic root aslama, not salam) means SURRENDER to the will of “Allah”, uttered by his representative on earth; AKa Mohammed.. and/or successive caliphs after Mohammed was dumped down the hole after his death.

      So where other religion were politically hijacked, and people fought to remount real values of human dignity… Islam has no humanity in it, rather non Muslims are sub-human as per words of God, and Islam itself is politics… there are some good resources, might be of your interest…

      Churchill Book :

      Adrian Morgen article :

      1000 yrs of islamic rule in india :

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