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    Just a reminder

    Posted by sioeengland on February 3, 2008

    The list below is presented with thanks to our colleagues in the Netherlands and Romania

    * Muslims demand respect, whereas they do not treat non-muslims with respect.

    * Female muslims refuse to be treated by male doctors.

    * In Amsterdam cars were set on fire after Bilal near-lethally knifed 2 policewomen. Although the damage was enormous nobody received payment for damages, and the perpetrators have not been caught. NO Muslim apology to the policewomen either !

    * The imam of the As-Soenah mosque, said that this mosque can now be built larger than it already is, and he suggested that Theo van Gogh had deserved the “sentence” he received.

    * On 17 November 2007 muslim students in Amsterdam tried convert others to Islam.

    * The photographer Sooreh Hera cannot show her photos of two men wearing masks of Mohammed and Ali. She was threatened and was forced into hiding.

    * Geert Wilders, Eshan Jami and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are not able to walk the streets without bodyguards. Several times they have been threatened.

    * Islamic students become angry because they are refused time off from studies so that they can ritually slaughter animals for their religious feasts.

    * An anti-Wilders group has been set up to silence Wilders, the only politician who dares to point out the dangers of Islam. The group demands he remains silent.

    * Hizb ut Tahrir distributes leaflets saying “stop badgering islam”.
    The leaflet which the Dutch department of Hizb ut-Tahrir  spreads this week, asks for signatures to place under a petition against the ` offence of Islam and the Moslems. ` Islam is continuously badgered and that must stop, says spokesman Okay Pala.

    * Moslems have been offended before even seeing the film of Geert Wilders and threaten violent action (and showing films of Geert Wilders, decapitated.)

    * Our SIOE colleagues were victims of an assassination attack before attending a demonstration against islamisation. (all of their wounds have meanwhile healed)

    * SIOE Netherlands members have been threatened (we have made an official report)

    * Homosexuals are threatened and beaten up.

    * Jewish families are chased out of Amsterdam.

    Gebeurt in Frankrijk en Belgie, en in heel Europa !!!

    DID YOU KNOW that in France and Belgium …
    – young Muslim women demand an exemption from sport and biology classes, without it having an effect on exam results ?

    – Muslim women demand special and exclusive Muslim women only swimming sessions in public baths ? (same in England)

    – Muslim women demand having a male family member sit next to them during an exam ?

    – Muslim organisation (”Unir” at Paris XIII University) demand right to judge work of a Muslim student ?

    – Muslims demand and were granted the banishment of Christmas celebrations from public shools ?

    – Muslims demand prohibition of Christmas trees from schools and kindergartens ?

    – … whilst demanding celebration & holidays during their own religious festivals ?

    – Schools with Muslim majorities demand halal meat in school-canteens ? (Halal meat is from animals who were slaughtered according to islamic rituals : slit by the throats and whilst stil breathing, hung from a hook so that the blood is drained from the animal)

    – Muslims demand special rooms and time off for their 5 prayer times in schools, colleges & universities ?

    – Muslims demand history books to ‘adjust’ to their own history and country of origin ?

    – Muslims demand that our history books scrap names like Karel Martel and Jeanne d’Arc so as to not to offend Muslims ?

    – Muslim women demand that they can work in public institutions with their headcoverings on ? (whilst Christians wearing crosses are being reprimanded for ‘breaching uniform code’ ? At least 3 known cases in England !)

    – Muslim female doctors only demand female patients ?

    – Male dentists were physically attacked for handling female Muslim patients ?

    SIOE has enough of this, more than enough and it’s time that we all stood together to it make clear that enough is enough.

    We won’t submit, we won’t let them take our freedom away, they will not tell us what to do.

    We don’t want to live by the rules of islam, in other words Sharia law.

    We do have a culture, a culture of tolerance and mutual respect. Nederland is a country founded on freedom. Why should we be forced to give up this hard-earned freedom? Why should we live under the fear of the dhimmis?

    Islam is a dangerous ideology which is full of hate and intolerance, hate towards the west, hate towards the non-believers, apostates, Christians, homosexuals and Jews.

    We demand our hard-earned our freedom back!

    We call for individuals, gay-organisations, human right organisations etc. to come to our demonstration to make a protest together:

    * Freedom of speech
    * Freedom of expression
    * Stop political correctness
    * No politically correct dictatorship
    * Stop mosque building
    * Democracy not theocracy!
    * No Sharia here!
    * Stop islamisation Of Europe



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