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    Comment is censored

    Posted by sioeengland on February 2, 2008

    SIOE has been labelled “extreme” or “right wing” a couple of times in the British paper The Guardian’s “Comment is free” section.

    I tried to respond with the article below, but to no avail. The Guardian should be renamed “Guardian of PC propaganda and censorship” and “Comment is free” retitled “Comment is censored”

    Here is my response

    Refusing to return to the stoning age

    Stop Islamisation Of Europe – SIOE is a pan-European movement whose title is self-explanatory.

    Its motto is “Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense!”

    SIOE repeatedly expresses its anti-totalitarian credentials, declaring that it opposes, nazism, fascism, communism and above all Islamism.

    The reason for its establishment and its aims may be read on the “About SIOE” link on the SIOE international site.

    Essentially, SIOE is fighting not only Islamists themselves, who wish to establish a worldwide kalifate (caliphate), but also the double standards of European politicians, which assist the Islamisation of our continent.

    This is exemplified by the proposed accession of Turkey to the EU.  The Turkish electorate voted into power an Islamist Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, who said ”The mosques are our barracks, the minarets are our spears, their domes are our helmets and Muslims are our army.”  This is tantamount to a declaration of war, not the diplomacy of a country seeking to enter a so-called “union of democracies”.

    Foreign Secretary, David Miliband rebuffed those opposing Turkey’s EU entry by saying that thwarting Turkey’s aspirations “….will signal a deep and dangerous divide between east and west.”  SIOE contends that Erdogan’s comments made the division clear enough and to reject Turkey’s application would send out entirely the right signal.

    Non-Muslims are persecuted in may Islamic countries.  Recently, 10,000 Hindus demonstrating in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, against racism and religious discrimination, were brutally oppressed by the Islamic authorities.  This kind of thing is repeated across the “Muslim world”, but remains unreported in the Western media.

    At home, challenging Islamism results in death threats from Islamists and a plethora of “hate” laws from our own political leaders.

    Despite our opposition to racism and totalitarianism, some (not all) media outlets and those who oppose SIOE still accuse SIOE’s supporters of being “racist, fascist, xenophobic, bigots” and so on.

    SIOE refuses to be tagged with these sloppy journalistic labels and counters accusations of being “right wing” by asking its accusers to clarify whether stoning a woman to death for being raped, (as happens regularly in Iran) is “left wing” or “right wing” and also whether beheading anyone for leaving Islam (the punishment in that bastion of human rights, Saudi Arabia) is extreme or normal behaviour?

    So far nobody has provided us with a satisfactory answer.

    SIOE held its inaugural demonstration in Brussels on 11th September 2007.  In the true spirit of European Union “freedom of expression”, Brussels Mayor, Freddy Thielemans, banned this demonstration, floundering around for a valid reason as to why he did so, and failing.  However, the organisers disregarded this ban and the demonstration went ahead.

    As always SIOE had asked political parties to stay away, but the Flemish Nationalist Party Vlaams Belang hi-jacked the occasion, to promote itself, by holding its own demonstration.  Unsurprisingly, some press reports inaccurately conflated the two demonstrations as being one, even though the Flemish nationalists admitted during a press conference afterwards that their demo was indeed separate.

    Undeterred, SIOE has since held several protests across Europe, the next one being scheduled for Amsterdam on 26th January, for which the Mayor has given permission.  SIOE believes that all religions should be treated as political parties, being open to ridicule and criticism.  That some political parties actually base themselves on religion means that the religion concerned should itself be fair game for vigorous scrutiny. 

    Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, erroneously stated that, “Islam is a religion, not a regime.” SIOE declares the total opposite to be the case as, incidentally, does just about every Muslim cleric.  This might just be because under Sharia law Muslim clerics are the politicians, prosecutors, judges and juries. No Sharia here!

    This month’s demo is to promote free speech, which is forbidden under Sharia law.  Coincidently, Dutch MP Geert Wilders’s film about the incompatibility of the Koran and democracy is released the day before.  Naturally, Islamists have threatened violence and clerics tacitly condoned it.  We are not sure if such threats are considered “left wing” or “right wing,” but we know they are typically Islamic.

    In his article “Violence fear over Islam film” (Observer 20th Jan) Jason Burke mentioned our demonstration and quoted Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s request for “Dutch political parties to restart a debate on immigration that has split Dutch society in recent years, rather than leave the field to extremists,” which echoes SIOE’s request for the debate surrounding the Islamisation of Europe to be conducted sensibly and not left to extremists.

    We already work with Hindus and other people from communities persecuted in Islamic countries; all sensible people.

    To some extent our hopes were answered recently when Vlaams Belang and similar parties formed an alliance between themselves, called “Cities against Islamisation.”

    Without resorting ourselves to tagging political parties, it is evident that a choice is now available to those concerned about Sharia by stealth and encroaching Islamisation.  Members and other people who support the parties comprising “Cities against Islamisation” may attend demonstrations and events organised by them.  Those who are not party members or who disagree with the said parties on matters other than Islamisation may join SIOE demonstrations and meetings.  SIOE wants ordinary, non-extremist people as supporters. 

    Of course there are those who are so concerned about Islamisation that they may attend events of both organisations.  Why not? It is almost a free Europe after all!


    One Response to “Comment is censored”

    1. koofER said

      Articulate and to the point. I’m a moderate and fully support the activities of SIOE who are in my opinion a leading light in the now desperate task of halting the invasion of Islam throughout Europe aided it seems by utterly gutless socialist PC politicians – our own leaders. We the native peoples of Europe are struggling enough already trying to accomodate immigrants and asylum seekers with population growth looking set to accelerate rapidly in favour of muslim communities. To include Turkey as well would be the end of our identities and a catastrophic disaster for future generations of native Europeans. Why can’t our leaders see the obvious? Or is their something so dark and corrupt going on in the higher echelons of the European Union that we can barely imagine. Whatever the case may be, I am deeply disturbed about our future amid the possibility of real and likely civil war on the European continent. It seems that one set of Nazi’s are about to be replaced by another – Islamic Fundamentalists.

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