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    Danish Muslim Party says Denmark will be Muslim country soon

    Posted by sioeengland on January 22, 2008

    Dansk Muslim Party says it will be biggest party of Denmark ”and it may be soon. First day after Turkey becomes EU member country – about one million 20-50 years old Muslims may move to Denmark? And after that Denmark will be a Muslim country? Be ready!

    This is why SIOE says that every religion should be treated in law as a political party with no special protection. This is particularly true for islam.

    If a political party is able to set itself up with the name of a religion in the title, then not only is that party open to scrutiny, criticism and ridicule, but also the religion itself. This is particularly true for Islamic parties and Islam.

    This is because Islam is not a religion, it is a political regime with its own political system and jurisprudence. In Islam unelected Islamic clerics are the politicians, prosecutors, judges and juries.



    PS – This may or may not be a windup, but the scenario is very real.


    6 Responses to “Danish Muslim Party says Denmark will be Muslim country soon”

    1. stefcho said

      Turkey joining the EU is no wind up – Olli Rehn, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, is pressing ahead with Turkey’s accession negotiations – as well as avoiding issues like human rights violations and the Armenian genocide. Nothing, however, will prevent Turkey joining.

      A Frecent France Inter poll put public opinion at 60% against Turkey’s membership (with around the same in Turkey against joining the EU). Nevertheless, the EU commission think this is irrelevant – they know what’s best for Europe and are implementing it on our behalf.

      When Turkey joins there will not only be over 100 Million more Muslims in Europe, we (Europeans) will have a common – and highly porous – border with Iran, Iraq, Syria and ex-soviet Georgia. Turkey’s membership of the EU is a guarantee of Islamization, inceased terrorism (which will be impossible to stop) and, considering how Turkish Muslims and Europeans feel about each other, may well lead to a European war. If it does, the blame lies squarely at the feel of the European Union for ignoring the wishes of citizens as well as inceasing religious and ethnic tensions by forcing people who obviously mistrust each other to live together.

      If you haven’t yet signed the call for a EU-wide Refrendum at please sign now (its for all countries in the EU).

      If Turkey joins the EU, I will no longer consider myself an EU citizen.

    2. Sixten said

      I totally agree that Turkey must be kept outside EU.

      But why do you have “Support Israel” as a banner?
      Israel is the most fanatic supporter of Turkey’s EU-membership!
      Are you blind?

    3. sioeengland said

      That’s a good point Sixten. Supporting Israel does not mean we support all of Israel’s foreign policies, no more than we support all of the policies our own governments.

      We support Israel’s existence and her defence against the Nazislamist parties Hesbollah and Hamas. European countries support these Nazislam parties and we oppose this economic support.

      People must get out of the mindset of not joining with other groups of people to fight islamism because they do not agree with those groups on other matters. We will defeat islamism very easily if we work together and Israel opposes islamism.

    4. […] “Dinamarca será pronto un país musulmán”, lo dice un  partido islamista, que muestra que es tan fácil como meter un millón de turcos cuando este país entre en la UE. […]

    5. John Light said

      How do I get involved with SIOE?

    6. Jim said

      That money obsessed warmonger Tony Blair made a statement when PM that it is his intention to have Turkey join the EU. Imagine it, the population of Turkey free to infest Europe. To horrible to think of.
      Islam is a backward religion and it’s prophet a paedophile.
      He ‘married’ a six year old child, but didn’t take her to bed till she was nine… so thats ok then!? I ain’t gonna follow a sex offender, child molester, prophet pretender, I ain;t gonna follow Islam. No-one with any sense would either!

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