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    Norway is financing Koran schools in Pakistan

    Posted by sioeengland on January 17, 2008

    Translated from SIOE Norway:

    In their news reports on the 10th of January 2008 the Norwegian TV station TV2 reported that the Department of Foreign Affairs has granted several million Norwegian kroners (NOK) to improve more than 100 Pakistan Koran schools. Among other purposes the money is intended for the installation of toilets in the schools.

    A condition for the funds is that the Koran schools also teach subjects other than islam only. Which other subjects and how many hours should be used for them, was not mentioned in TV2’s report.  According to TV2 one scandal in the matter is that the money has not reached the Koran schools, but has been stopped at some of the provincial authorities. From there the money may have been sent on to islamic groups, especially in the northwest province bordering Afghanistan, where Taliban-friendly guerrilla forces are often fighting the Pakistan Army about the military control of the province. The leader of all the Koran schools has not seen anything of the money.

    The Norwegian embassy in Islamabad states that they, through a local consultant, have complete control of the money.

    This view is strongly challenged in the TV2 report. The Secretary of State in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Haakon A. Gulbrandsen (SV) states that one cannot be sure of anything in this world, but he is convinced that Norwegian authorities have full control of every krone paid to local Pakistan authorities.

    It is astonishing that TV2 believes the scandal is that the money has not reached the poor Koran schools. TV2 apparently does not see any problem in the fact that the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs has granted money in support of Koran schools in Pakistan, known for educating many of the most radical islamists who later attach themselves to Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

    According to a profound 5 pages article of the newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv in the autumn of 2004, it is known that approximately 5000 Norwegian-Pakistan children are attending such Koran Schools in Pakistan while the parents receive children’s social security money for them in Norway.

    These children have Norwegian citizenship, but they are of course not learning a single word of the Norwegian language or anything at all about community (society) relations in Norway while being ”educated” in Pakistan.  At the age of 18-20 they return to Norway with a 100% Pakistan spouse and perhaps 1-2 children of their own according to the family reunion regulations. And here they receive Norwegian social security financial support. Since they do not speak Norwegian and do not have any knowledge of the Norwegian society (community) they cannot get a job in Norway except for ”working black” not paying any taxes to Norway. And when their children again reach an age of 5-6 years they are probably sent to Pakistan, so that the next generation can go through the same cycle.

    This is the activity that our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jonas Gahr Stoere (Ap) has found worthy of supporting financially, by giving money to the Koran Schools. Simultaneously Prime Minister Stoltenberg’s government is working on introducing quota rules for immigrants in public service, since they can’t get jobs in the private sector.

    SIOE Norway leaves it to the readers to draw conclusions of their own about Norwegian politics surrounding foreign affairs and of integration of immigrants.

    If you know the Norwegian language read more and watch video here


    One Response to “Norway is financing Koran schools in Pakistan”

    1. John Press said

      We are the only civilization that does not recognize that there are sides. The UN human rights conception tells us that we are all the same. Multiculturalism says that differences are only about food, fashion and festivals. They also hold that we, underneath it all, are the same. Worse yet, multiculturalism says that the West doesn’t even have a core culture.

      Culturism says the West has a distinct culture. Culturism recognizes that there are differences and sides. Culturism recognizes therefore, that we have NO business building schools, roads, and governments for our enemy. Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow us to build churches because it violates their culture, we should not let them build mosques in Western nations.We also should not let Saudi Arabia build mosques in the West. We have a core culture and it is not, sorry multiculturalists, Islamic.

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