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    Posted by sioeengland on January 13, 2008

    From SIOE France.

    The French Republic is based on a set of principles and it can exist only in the respect for these. They are not the fruit of the fate but are the result of the fights for the democracy of the previous centuries. The history showed us that they were not definitively acquired and that they must be defended against all the totalitarianisms, as the fascism or the communism.

    These republican principles created a pedestal on which our society is based. They assert that France is a laic and democratic republic; the national sovereign power belongs to the people consisted of equal citizens in rights: « the men are born and remain free and equal in rights » according to the first article of the “Declaration of rights of Men and citizen” [1789]. They are equal in right whatever their origin, their sex, their colour of skin or their religion. Our Republic put the principle of the equality between men and women. Among the republican principles, the freedom of expression, the freedom of thought, the political freedom are pillars.

    But for several years, the Republic is confronted with the extension of a politico-religious ideology which expresses itself in the French landscape by the reproduction of mosques. At present a mosque is in construction in Marseille and it will go to join thousands of already present mosques on the ground of France. In front of this fast extension of the establishment of an ideology resulting from an outside world, the French citizens have the duty to ask the question: is the Islam respectful to republican principles ? To answer this question, it is necessary to compare our republican principles with the Islamic principles.

    Does the Moslem ideology respect the equality between the men ? No. For the Islam, the Moslems are superior to the other men because holders of the most recent religion delivered by God, through the ” seal of the seers », Mahomet, this one passed on the verses of the Koran, the book revealed by very God and thus untouchable, unique and by whom the rules are to be literally followed. It is unthinkable for a Moslem whether he is the equal of a Jew or a Christian. It is moreover forbidden a Moslem of credit note of the Jewish or Christian friends: « Ô you who believe! Do not take for friends Jews and Chrétien; they are friends some of the others. » Sura V, verse 51.

    Does the Moslem ideology advocate the equality between men and women? No. The Islam proclaims loud and clear the superiority of the men on the women, the Koran indicates: « the men have authority on the women » sura IV, verse 24. For the inheritances a man is worth two women in Islam: « God orders you to attribute to the boy a part equal to that of two girls. » Sura IV, verse 11 and still: « if he leaves brothers and sisters a part equal to that of two women returns to a man » sura IV verse 176.

    Is the Moslem woman equally at the level of the marriage? No. The Islam advocates the polygamy: « marry, as you like, two, three or four women. » Sourate IV, verse 3.

    Can a Moslem woman marry the man of her choice? No. She cannot marry a non-Moslem, it would be of the denial: because the husband has the superiority on his wife, for the Islam, she should thus follow the religion of her husband. If a Moslem marries a Christian, the foreseen penalty is the death. The forced marriages are current in land of Islam and a man can marry a new-year-old girl, like Mahomet who married Aïcha at the age of six and about whom the historic texts say that the marriage was consumed when she was nine years old.

    Does the Moslem ideology respect the secularism? No. The word secularism does not exist in Koranic Arabic, the Islam is imperative in all the aspects of the life of the Moslem, at the level of its private life (even in its most intimate aspects), of its hygiene, its social life. The Koran settles the political life, the right, etc. In Islam, there is no separation between the religious domain and the political domain.

    Does the Moslem ideology respect the freedom of expression? No. The cases of the caricatures of Mahomet, those of Rober Redeker and Salman Rushdie are the proof.
    Does the Islamic ideology respect the freedom of thought and the freedom of religion? No. The denial is liable to the capital punishment. The Christians are regularly persecuted in land of Islam, as for example the Copts of Egypt. Let us remind the Armenian genocide Christians by the Moslem Turkish in 1915.

    The list is not exhaustive, we could approach the other subjects as the slavery which is not forbidden by the Islam and which exists moreover always in certain Moslem countries, as the Islamic Republic of Maurinania. The stoning, the whipping, the amputation as the penalty are always current in land of Islam. All this thus prove clearly that the Islam is incompatible with our republican principles.

    Nevertheless what has just been reminded above, France tolerates the unbearable by accepting its Islamization, our Islamization. Our town councillors, by pure electoral opportunism, multiply mosques. Now the Islam is incompatible with the democracy, the best proof is the report swamping that there is no democratic Moslem country to the world.

    When Jean-Claude Gaudin gives the keys of the big mosque of Marseille to Nordine Cheikh, president of the association in charge of the project of this mosque, he contributes actively to the extension of an ideology which goes back up to the VIIth century and which did not evolve (as comparison, it’s as if France continued to be governed by the Merovingian laws).

    A mosque is not the equivalent of a church, a simple place of cult, the role of the mosque was not expressed that by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: « Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets ». The mosque has a political mission and the first one is to spread the Islam, it is a fortress intended to pursue the conquest of the territories which are not still Moslem, the Islam is imperialist and its purpose is to convert the whole humanity to the rules of the Koran. The political role of mosques is not to be any more demonstrated: it is from there that leave fatwas and Palestinian Intifadas, it is there that we found weapons and the recent current event showed us that the Islamist uprising in Pakistan had left the red mosque.

    While certain foreigners settle down in France hoping to find a land of freedom, France does not defend any more its republican principles, it disposes of them in the name of the multiculturalism and of the right for the difference, lauded at all the levels of its society, it lets settle down and spread a politico-religious ideology which has never respected and does not respect still in the XXIth century the experiences of the democracy.

    The French citizens have the duty to fight against the Islam to defend their liberties because the fight against the Islam is not a fight against a religion but a fight against the obscurantism and the totalitarianism.
    Louis CHAGNON
    November 25th, 2007


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