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    Posted by sioeengland on January 13, 2008

    Et tu Brute [You too Brutus?] Those few words attributed to Julius Caesar on seeing his close friend Marcus Brutus among those seeking to kill him, have been synonymous with acts of treachery.

    When Judas kissed Jesus Christ in the act of ultimate betrayal, Judas became the personification of all that is evil in what every individual and nation sees as almost the unforgivable sin!    

    During the Second World War two names went down into history for treason, Vidkun Quisling and William Joyce. So identifiable with acts of treachery has the name Quisling become that it is a synonym for traitor.

    The repulsion we all feel for treason is found in every country, to an American the name Benedict Arnold means traitor!

    Treachery is one of the most effective ways to destroy a country, during the Spanish civil war Emilio Mola a nationalist general recognised this, and in a radio address in 1936 he referred to having Four columns of troops moving against Madrid and a Fifth column inside the city. Since then the term Fifth column has become a byword for treachery.

    In each of our countries those that should be protecting our nations, our representative government ministers are actively overseeing the dismantling of nearly two thousand years of history and heritage. They owe no allegiance to our countries; they now serve a new master and its agenda.  

    These were our nations that had existed for hundreds of years.
    Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Austria, Luxemburg, Monaco, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Malta, Andorra, Gibraltar.
    Consider what we have lost and what we have now become.

    We as nations have to be subjugated to this EU centralised government otherwise we would as individuals been impossible to control.
    While we are sure the rabid masses that have signed up to the Utopian propaganda peddled by the architects of Eurotopia, will scream that comparing the EU with the old Soviet Union is erroneous and ignorant, and that living with the luxuries of Western Europe has no parallel with the privations suffered under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    We however believe this takeover of power and control from each of our countries, bringing them under a centralised Parliament, the swallowing up bit by bit of surrounding nations, although not by armed forces but by guile, and the lure of greed, the removal of sovereignty of each nation, the establishment of centralised control, the passing of laws that deprive the individual freedoms our forefathers fought and died for. All these were the building blocks laid down by the architects of the USSR form its beginning with Lenin and the Politburo, in 1919 the eighth party Congress formalised what would become the true centre of political power, under Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Kamenev, and Krestinsky.          

    Because our freedoms are being progressively eroded we let them go without a fight, at times we barley notice the loss, and so with each step we take we are walking into servitude under a totalitarian master. As we stand now in 2008 there are no Gulags to which dissidents are being sent, no NKVD no Stasi Volkspolizei no KGB no forced deportations, but then at the moment there is no Joseph Stalin or Lavrentiy Beria!  

    The new members of the EU from what were the Soviet Block nations have traded their old totalitarian masters for a new sophisticated version, eager to practice the art of controlling its free thinking citizens.

    On September 11th 2007 a peaceful demonstration was organised outside the European Parliament, the Parliament that claims to hold all our freedoms as sacrosanct.

    This Parliament produces mountains of propaganda about being champions of freedom and liberty. One such publication freely available in the EU Parliament bookshop is the booklet, The Sakharov Prize for Freedom Of Thought.

    It proudly proclaims that. “Over the past eighteen years, since 1988, the Sakharov Prize – For freedom of Thought has been awarded by the European Parliament to people or Organizations that have made a decisive contribution to the fight for Human Rights in their respective countries and around the world”.

    In 2006 the Prize was awarded to Mr Aliasandr Milinkevich a leader of the democratic opposition in Belarus. The accolade from the EU goes on to say how in April 2006 he was arrested for taking part in an unsanctioned rally, a peaceful demonstration in Minsk!

    While this European Parliament was championing freedom of speech in Belarus it was crushing freedom of speech outside its own Parliament with the same enthusiasm of those it was condemning. They allowed the Mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans to mobilise hundreds of police, backed with water cannon to crush a handful of peaceful demonstrators outside their own Parliament who were trying to exercise the freedom of speech it awards prizes for to those outside the EU!       

    If any of you think that the peace and freedom of the last 60 years will continue under the European Union State, then think again! Did you have a vote on any of the important issues that will affect your lives and the lives of future generations, does not this arrogant body force through anything it wishes by just playing with the wording when it encounters disquiet?

    December 2007.
    “The European Parliament has censored its own television coverage to avoid showing a serious protest in the debating chamber in Strasbourg today. As the demonstration started, TV cameras immediately killed all sound so that none of the protest could be heard. President Jose Manuel Barroso talked of “greater democracy for Europe” the TV pictures however told a different story. Mr Pottering shouted at the protesters, accusing them of being “anti-democratic because they will not let our guests speak.” He was met with cries of “Let the people speak.”

    All the while these disingenuous EU politicians posture and steamroller through their agenda for an EU state, we the peoples throughout Europe are truly in mortal danger from this political collective; we are now as the saying goes “between a rock and a hard place”!


    These traitors who are engineering this abomination have removed all the parts of our nations that made us who we were. Every bit of individuality has to be expunged so they can rebuild us as EU land.

    The world’s military have used this technique for centuries to change individuals into obedient unquestioning armies by first breaking them down as individuals, and then rebuilding them into a new controllable obedient collective!
    For this European dream mass migration and multiculturalism have proved a most useful tool. But it is also a very dangerous game as the whole of Europe is finding out with the arrival of new cultures.
    In Britain Tony Blair and the socialists accelerated their countries demise by demonising everything English and allowing their fixation with multiculturalism to drive every agenda. All they have created is a country full of ethnic groups living as micro nations.

    Each and every one a nation within a nation, aside from the glaring and obvious dangers this is causing with these alien cultures, even those that share some similarities to the host country whether that is religion or common values. However what the architects of this madness failed to factor into their vision for Europe was the prospect of a culture arriving that wants something beyond its weekly traditional dance meeting or food from home, a culture that would not meekly surrender its beliefs as the rest of us have surrendered our nations and our heritages to the Brussels Politburo!

    They have failed to restrain a culture that wants more, much more. A culture that wants the host country; they want to be the dominant culture the one that calls the tune.

    Right now millions of Muslims are working to make our nations into The Islamic republic of Europe, they have come out and made clear their aims, “Islam is the future for Europe”! They do not hide their agenda, they are gaining power in government, police, the civil service, and every part of our nations that work to running our countries, each and everyday they press and pressure for change to our nations so as to ease the progress of our peoples into being converted to Islam or slave like Dhimmitude. 

    This is not a phenomenon of Britain, all over Europe political powers have signed up to multiculturalism as a means to Eurofy our peoples, to the extent that each nation has sacrificed its people on this alter of abomination, the Danes, the Germans, the French, everyone! None of the peoples of Europe have been spared; each and every one of you has been disenfranchised as a race in your homelands.

    When Muslims riot on our streets it is to gain concessions, they are like all political revolutionary organisations. They have a political wing and a militant activist wing. Those in Brussels do not know the Tiger they have released among us, nor do they have any control over it!   

    This too without you having a say in the matter, your views, your rights, hundreds of years building your nations for you and your offspring have been taken from you with barely a whimper of protest.

    This is the new Europe stolen by Traitors and built by fools. This has taken place in less than fifteen years; can you envisage your country in the next 15 to 20 years?

    After such a successful coup d’état by the liberal left you can believe anything is possible, either becoming suppressed drones of an out of control totalitarian Europe, or as disenfranchised indigenous peoples of Europe being aliens in our own counties under the oppression of a fanatical religious Sharia government? 

    You may think that in our Western civilisation there is a need for harsher punishment for criminals who are at times treated far to leniently, maybe you don’t feel that Sharia law would be that bad.

    Do not be mislead into believing Sharia law is just or has any degree of justice, Sharia courts are instruments to control by fear those that have signed up to an oppressive religion, where the word of a man has more value than that of a woman, where corrupt old men devoid of humanity punish the victims of rape with stoning and homosexuals with hanging. Beheadings, amputations imprisonment and brutal beatings administered on the whims of religious nutcases who are so blatantly inhumane.

    Don’t think that this will not happen, Sharia courts are now operating in most European countries in spite of our protestations, how long before they execute their first victim on European soil? How long before our people are subject to this evil.
    You don’t have to wait; they have been behind honour killings of those who have in their eyes insulted Islam.


    At a market in Iran an 8 year old boy was caught stealing bread.
    How did Islamic Sharia law handle his punishment?


    (LGF  has debunked the pictures of the boy. See here. We will make it up to our readers to decide for themselves. We will leave the pictures in the article, street theatre or not, because it happened in the muslim world and the boy doesn’t seem to act.)

    If the EU doesn’t get us then Sharia will!

    Join SIOE, stand up for your country.  We have nowhere else to go, we either make a stand together or we will surely perish alone! 


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