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    Archive for January, 2008

    Successful SIOE demonstration in Amsterdam

    Posted by sioeengland on January 29, 2008

    The weather forecast said it would be a cloudy and rainy day but it turned out that the weather decided to smile upon the participants with sun and blue sky.


    200 people turned up to participate in the SIOE demonstration, arranged by SIOE Nederland, with speakers from Holland, England and Denmark.

    A varied group of people who wanted to show their condemnation of the growing islamisation of Holland.

    These people represented all different kinds of people around Europe who have reaslised the danger of islam in Europe. All the usual media talk about leftwing or rightwing ceased because these people and SIOE only have one common goal. To stop islamisation and to preserve our free democracies.


    Good speeches were held by Martin, one of the leaders of SIOE Nederland, Anders Gravers, SIOE organiser from Denmark, Stephen Gash, SIOE organiser from England and SIOE Nederland supporters including an ex-muslim.

    There was a good atmosphere, despite a counter demonstration against SIOE Nederland, that also lined up at the Dam and tried to make themselves heard above the SIOE demonstration. But they had no success with their shouting and yelling.
    The dutch police was heavily represented and blocked the way for the counter demonstrators in order to make a secure environment for the SIOE demonstration.


    All in all a really good demonstration for a free and peaceful Europe, which will bring the danger of the growing islamisation of Europe into focus and give hope to millions of people around Europe, women, men, christians, jews, hindus, buddhists, etc., non-religious, gays, lesbians, muslim women who are forced into marriage, muslims who want to leave islam etc. In brief all the people who have realised that islam is a totalitarian ideology that leaves no place for diversity.


    This man brought his teddybear…..named Mohammed!

    A big thanks to all who participated in the demonstration.

    Watch a video from the demonstration

    Speech by Anders Gravers at the SIOE demonstration in Amsterdam:

    Read the rest of this entry »


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    Danish Muslim Party says Denmark will be Muslim country soon

    Posted by sioeengland on January 22, 2008

    Dansk Muslim Party says it will be biggest party of Denmark ”and it may be soon. First day after Turkey becomes EU member country – about one million 20-50 years old Muslims may move to Denmark? And after that Denmark will be a Muslim country? Be ready!

    This is why SIOE says that every religion should be treated in law as a political party with no special protection. This is particularly true for islam.

    If a political party is able to set itself up with the name of a religion in the title, then not only is that party open to scrutiny, criticism and ridicule, but also the religion itself. This is particularly true for Islamic parties and Islam.

    This is because Islam is not a religion, it is a political regime with its own political system and jurisprudence. In Islam unelected Islamic clerics are the politicians, prosecutors, judges and juries.



    PS – This may or may not be a windup, but the scenario is very real.

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    Update on the SIOE demo in Amsterdam

    Posted by sioeengland on January 22, 2008

    SIOE Nederland stays in contact with the dutch police regarding safety. There will be enough police present during the demo.

    People who come by train: Don’t wait in front of the Central Station because they are busy with the road in front of the station. Come together in the Central Station Hall where there will be stewards to gather people, so they can walk together to the Dam. If possible: Travel together.

    Signs can be shown at the Dam, not during the walk to the Dam. The Dam is the place where the demonstration will start.

    No totalitarians signs, posters, logos, flags etc.
    No masks or scarfs that covers the face, if you don’t want to be arrested.

    More updates will follow.

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    SIOE Nederland chapter in the german “Spiegel”

    Posted by sioeengland on January 22, 2008,1518,529994,00.html

    Generally a good interview, but the paper has made one big mistake in the article. The journalist calls SIOE “right wing politicians”. SIOE has contacted Spiegel to get a correction.

    SIOE is not right wing, middle wing or left wing. We are people from all parts in society, with all different believes except islam, and we have supporters from all democratic parties, from left to right. We just have one thing in common: To stop the islamisation of Europe.
    Neither are we politicians in the popular mening. We are the mouthpiece for all the ordinary people who are concerned about the islamisation in their country and want to stop it, without having to support a political party with many other agendaes than that. And that’s exactly what makes SIOE different from other organisations who want to stop the islamisation.

    All we want is to protect our free societies and our precious values like freedom of expression and men and womens equal rights. We want to hand over these free societies to our children and grandchildren, where they don’t have to fear being killed for doing things or saying things about an ideology. Therefore, these sensible demands can never be called any wing. All they are, they are common sense.

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    The choice for those wanting to stop islamisation

    Posted by sioeengland on January 20, 2008

    When SIOE was started the founders attempted to distance the movement from party politics.

    This was largely, though not entirely, for pragmatic reasons. Every political party has supporters, but obviously every party attracts opposition.

    If a party, in Europe at least, attracts 30% of the popular vote it is doing very well.

    In the UK no government has governed with an electoral mandate, that is over 50% of the total vote, since about 1933.

    So even if a party has as much as 50% of the vote, the stop Islamisation movement needs as much of the other 50% as possible in order to succeed.

    However, SIOE welcomes the formation of “Cities against Islamisation” as this now offers a choice for people. Those who support the political parties comprising “Cities against Islamisation” can attend events organised by the group.

    Those who are not members or supporters of those parties can now support SIOE’s actions in the full knowledge that party politics are not part of the effort.

    Of course people can attend events of either movement if they feel strongly enough about matters.

    Provided the rules of each organisation are respected then people are welcome to support actions as they see fit.

    Afterall, it is a matter of personal conscience, which, as we all know, Islam denies people, on certain issues at least.

    We have a common goal which we can aim at instead of blasting away at each other.

    There are now no excuses for not attending demos and other actions – if you truly care about keeping your identity, culture, democracy and way of life. 

    SIOE will at least try not to get into blog wars and mutual accusations/insults.

    I suggest that all anti-Islamists focus on the positives provided by any group’s actions against sharia by stealth and encroaching Islamism.

    Any differences can/should be now held outside the net and blogosphere.

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    Demo mentioned in The Observer

    Posted by sioeengland on January 20, 2008

    Jason Burke – “Violence fear over Islam film”

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    Amsterdam demo gets the go-ahead

    Posted by sioeengland on January 20, 2008

    NIS News bulletin

    NIS News Bulletin
     Anti Islamisation Protest Planned in Amsterdam
    AMSTERDAM, 19/01/08 – An action group wants to demonstrate in Amsterdam next Saturday against the ‘Islamisation’ of Europe, as newspaper Het Parool Friday reported.

    The demonstration on Dam square is being organised by Stop Islamisation of Europe, an action group set up by the Danish politician Anders Gravers and British Stephen Gash. They are expecting a turnout of some 300 people. Speeches will be given, including one by Gravers, according to Het Parool.

    According to the newspaper, Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen sees no reason at present to ban or curb the demonstration. The rules of the demonstration state, said the paper, that racist slogans are forbidden, as are flags of extreme right-wing organisations.


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    Norway is financing Koran schools in Pakistan

    Posted by sioeengland on January 17, 2008

    Translated from SIOE Norway:

    In their news reports on the 10th of January 2008 the Norwegian TV station TV2 reported that the Department of Foreign Affairs has granted several million Norwegian kroners (NOK) to improve more than 100 Pakistan Koran schools. Among other purposes the money is intended for the installation of toilets in the schools.

    A condition for the funds is that the Koran schools also teach subjects other than islam only. Which other subjects and how many hours should be used for them, was not mentioned in TV2’s report.  According to TV2 one scandal in the matter is that the money has not reached the Koran schools, but has been stopped at some of the provincial authorities. From there the money may have been sent on to islamic groups, especially in the northwest province bordering Afghanistan, where Taliban-friendly guerrilla forces are often fighting the Pakistan Army about the military control of the province. The leader of all the Koran schools has not seen anything of the money.

    The Norwegian embassy in Islamabad states that they, through a local consultant, have complete control of the money.

    This view is strongly challenged in the TV2 report. The Secretary of State in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Haakon A. Gulbrandsen (SV) states that one cannot be sure of anything in this world, but he is convinced that Norwegian authorities have full control of every krone paid to local Pakistan authorities.

    It is astonishing that TV2 believes the scandal is that the money has not reached the poor Koran schools. TV2 apparently does not see any problem in the fact that the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs has granted money in support of Koran schools in Pakistan, known for educating many of the most radical islamists who later attach themselves to Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

    According to a profound 5 pages article of the newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv in the autumn of 2004, it is known that approximately 5000 Norwegian-Pakistan children are attending such Koran Schools in Pakistan while the parents receive children’s social security money for them in Norway.

    These children have Norwegian citizenship, but they are of course not learning a single word of the Norwegian language or anything at all about community (society) relations in Norway while being ”educated” in Pakistan.  At the age of 18-20 they return to Norway with a 100% Pakistan spouse and perhaps 1-2 children of their own according to the family reunion regulations. And here they receive Norwegian social security financial support. Since they do not speak Norwegian and do not have any knowledge of the Norwegian society (community) they cannot get a job in Norway except for ”working black” not paying any taxes to Norway. And when their children again reach an age of 5-6 years they are probably sent to Pakistan, so that the next generation can go through the same cycle.

    This is the activity that our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jonas Gahr Stoere (Ap) has found worthy of supporting financially, by giving money to the Koran Schools. Simultaneously Prime Minister Stoltenberg’s government is working on introducing quota rules for immigrants in public service, since they can’t get jobs in the private sector.

    SIOE Norway leaves it to the readers to draw conclusions of their own about Norwegian politics surrounding foreign affairs and of integration of immigrants.

    If you know the Norwegian language read more and watch video here

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    Muslim councillor says “drop dead” and “convert to islam”

    Posted by sioeengland on January 17, 2008

    This is the true face of islamism. No use of taqiyya and kitman here. Dutch people and European non-muslims have a duty to future generations to be be in Amsterdam on 26th January to Stop Islamisation Of Europe.

    NIS News Bulletin
     Muslim Councillor Tells Rotterdammer: ‘Shut Up, Minority’
    ROTTERDAM, 17/01/08 – Labour (PvdA) politician Bouchra Ismaili has reviled a citizen of Rotterdam in an e-mail. The man was told that as a member of the white minority in his district, he should not complain about the Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir.Ismaili, who has Moroccan nationality, is a council member for PvdA in the Rotterdam district council of Charlois. “You are the immigrants here!!!”, she wrote to the white man who drew her attention by e-mail to statements by the controversial Muslim organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir. Ismali also wrote in her e-mail reply to the man: ‘Drop dead,’ and ‘convert to Islam,’ Algemeen Dagblad reported yesterday.

    Ismaili has had her knuckles rapped by vice-party leader of the PvdA district council party in Charlois, Marco van Dijck. But he has not asked her to resign from the council.

    Ismaili says she sent the e-mail in a burst of anger. “I do not want to justify it, but as a Muslim politician, I have for years been harassed by mail from extreme right figures. Normally speaking, I throw them away unread. When I saw the mail at home, something broke in me. All the more because I had heard someone that day say that all Moroccans should be dead. For me, this was the last straw.”

    Jos Parbleu, the man that received the e-mail from Ismaili, sent hundreds of local politicians an e-mail with statements by Okay Pala of Hizb ut-Tahrir. He is concerned about the rise of this movement, which is monitored by the AIVD secret service. The e-mail from Ismaili that he got back “shows the frightfully disastrous situation in which our country has landed!”, he said in the newspaper.


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    SIOE Netherlands Amsterdam Demo

    Posted by sioeengland on January 16, 2008

    SIOE Netherlands has organised a demonstration on
    Saturday 26 January 2008, at 13.00 on the dam in Amsterdam!


    * Muslims demand respect, whereas they do not treat non-muslims with respect.

    * Female muslims refuse to be treated by male doctors.

    * In Amsterdam cars were set on fire after Bilal near-lethally knifed 2 policewomen. Although the damage was enormous nobody received payment for damages, and the perpetrators have not been caught (and where is the news of how the two policewomen are fairing?)

    * The imam of the As-Soenah mosque, said that this mosque can now be built larger than it already is, and he suggested that Theo van Gogh had deserved “sentence” he received.

    * On 17 November 2007 muslim students in Amsterdam tried convert others to Islam.

    * The photographer Sooreh Hera cannot show her photos of two men wearing masks of Mohammed and Ali. She was threatened and was forced into hiding.

    * Geert Wilders, Eshan Jami and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are not able to walk the streets without bodyguards. Several times they have been threatened.

    * Islamic students become angry because they are refused time off from studies so that they can ritually slaughter animals for their religious feasts.

    * An anti-Wildersb group has been set up to silence Wilders, the only politician who dares to point out the dangers of Islam. The group demands he remains silent.

    * Hizb ut Tahrir distributes leaflets saying “stop badgering islam”.
    The leaflet which the Dutch department of Hizb ut-Tahrir these spreads week, asks for signatures to place under a petition against the ` offence of Islam and the Moslems. ` Islam is continuously badgered and that must stop, says spokesman Okay Pala.

    * Moslems have been offended before even seeing the film of Geert Wilders and threaten violent action (see here to a small film from end courts, where it is suggested that Geert Wilders is decapitated. With thanks to none style)

    * Our SIOE colleagues were victims of an assassination attack before attending a demonstration against islamisation. (all of their wounds have meanwhile healed)

    * SIOE Netherlands members have been threatened (we have made an official report)

    * Homosexuals are threatened and beaten up.

    * Jewish people, families, are chased out of Amsterdam.
    We can mention many things about what appears in the news. We can all say that muslims are offended every time we say the tiniest thing about the islam. They demand more respect, more tolerance. Our politicians do nothing about it and, indeed, ourpolitically correct politicians from The Hague invariably side with muslim demands. Even our queen (read

    SIOE Nederland has enough of this, more than enough and it’s time that we all stood together to it make clear that enough is enough.

    We won’t submit, we won’t let them take our freedom away, they will not tell us what to do.

    We don’t want to live by the rules of islam, in other words Sharia law.

    We do have a culture, a culture of tolerance and mutual respect. Nederland is a country founded on freedom. Why should we be forced to give up this hard-earned freedom? Why should we live under the fear of the dhimmis?

    Islam is a dangerous ideology which is full of hate and intolerance, hate towards the west, hate towards the non-believers, apostates, Christians, homosexuals and Jews.

    We demand our hard-earned our freedom back!

    We call for individuals, gay-organisations, human right organisations etc. to come to our demonstration to make a protest together:

    * Freedom of speech
    * Freedom of expression
    * Stop political correctness
    * No politically correct dictatorship
    * Stop mosque building
    * Democracy not theocracy!
    * No Sharia here!
    * Stop islamisation of the Netherlands, and of Europe



    View Larger Map

    * Totalitarian signs, swastika’s, racist language, violence
    The police force is informed of this and SIOE/SIOE Netherlands distance themselves from persons who try to spoil our demonstration or use it for their own agendas.

    Anyone wanting to speak, can submit an application by sending a mail to SIOE the Netherlands:
    To please the speech to send along!


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